US Department of Veteran Affairs deploys Xtract One SmartGateway

Xtract One SmartGateway

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Xtract One Technologies is set to deploy its SmartGateway solution to secure entrances at hospitals within the Virginia region of the US Department of Veteran Affairs network.

The company’s innovative system was selected for its ability to detect weapons including small arms, long arms and knives as small as two inches.

Accurate screening with Xtract One SmartGateway

According to Xtract One, the partnership demonstrates a commitment to protecting veterans’ wellbeing.

Xtract One SmartGateway enables the Department to uphold its commitment to ‘protecting those who have served their country’.

The SmartGateway system delivers fast and accurate screening for high throughput venues.

By utilising AI-powered sensors, SmartGateway unobtrusively scans patrons to detect threats without invading a sense of privacy and comfort.

“We are honoured to be working with the US Department of Veteran Affairs to enhance the safety and security of their patients and staff,” said Peter Evans, CEO, Xtract One.

“We look forward to working closely with the Department to provide the security needed to keep their facilities safe, while also providing a positive experience for all those in the VA network.”

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