Major building installation project completed by Comelit-PAC

Comelit-PAC’s integrated video door entry systems have been installed at Landmark Place, a 16 storey building which comprises of predominantly residential dwellings, with retail at ground and first floors.

Located in the heart of Cardiff city centre, Landmark Place was the city’s first skyscraper development, which features 280 high end apartments, mixed-use luxury facilities and a 24 hour concierge service.

Comelit-PAC was specified via main fire and security specialists, IDS Fire and Security, to integrate necessary door entry systems across the development, incorporating main site access and car park entrance systems, together with video calling capability for all apartments and fully shared network facilities. 

A Director who represents the Section 20 Committee for Landmark Place commented: “There was a definite need to upgrade our legacy door entry system, but what was critical was the requirement to use our existing cabling infrastructure and to keep the old system working at the same time as the new installation was taking place. 

“This was to ensure the security and safety of our residents at all times.

“We worked with IDS right from initial design stages to identify a solution. Comelit-PAC was recommended not only to accommodate the installation process, but also to ensure a high quality finish, with door entry panels and monitors that could blend with the aesthetics of the development. 

“The system is also flexible enough to accommodate the integration requirements to ensure a seamless security experience for our residents and guests.”

Comelit-PAC specified its Simplebus 2 wire system, allowing the installer to utilise the existing cabling so the site could have the old and system working at the same time to maintain security for the site. The solution was completed with Comelit-PAC’s ultra-digital entrance panels.

Each apartment now features a Comelit-PAC mini handsfree monitor with a custom adapter plate, allowing homeowners to benefit from instant intercom control and video door entry capability.

Owen Williams, Operations Manager, IDS Security Systems added: “Installing Comelit-PAC at Landmark, was a straightforward decision. It’s really simple to retrofit and one of only a few that could accommodate the need to use the existing cabling infrastructure. 

“The combination of SimpleBus and Mini Handsfree Monitors, could be installed without requiring extra power supplies. Homeowners can benefit from a stylish proposition of video door entry and integrated security, to stay protected.”

Tony Berry, Business Development Manager, South West, Comelit-PAC concluded: “Landmark Place set a new benchmark for skyscraper living in the heart of Cardiff, with its exceptional offering and level of amenities. To maintain its high aspirations, every aspect of any works programme has to be considered to present the latest in stylish design. 

“This had to be carefully balanced with minimal disruption to homeowners, especially when it came to security. In partnership with IDS, we were able to demonstrate the benefits of SimpleBus and our Mini Handsfree monitors, with its ease of installation to minimise disruption. 

“It’s a great example of a simple upgrade process enabling homeowners to make the most of the latest in integrated video door entry technology.”


Nordic hypermarket chain cuts shrink and boosts efficiency by integrating cameras with IDIS Solution Suite VMS

IDIS has confirmed that it was chosen by Prisma, a chain of hypermarkets in Finland, to implement a video surveillance upgrade to tackle shrink and improve system usability at four of its stores.

The huge retail chain opted for a hybrid solution which integrated multiple third party products to improve its centralised view of operations and cut shrink.

Prisma’s existing surveillance system had been expanded and added to over the years and encompassed more than 150 third party analogue cameras to provide coverage in four malls – the Prisma Vaasa, Prisma Kouvola, Prisma Tripla and Prisma Kristiine.

Operating the system had become very challenging, with latency impacting camera control and no complete, ‘single pane of glass’ overview of the system or sites. Image quality and speed of the third party video wall in the central control room were also issues that hampered the security team’s ability to track suspected thieves.

Working with systems integrator, Safe IT, Prisma opted for IDIS Solution Suite (ISS) VMS to facilitate a simple integration and deliver comprehensive coverage.

ISS comes with easy to use live video streaming, management and administration tools and the ability to seamlessly integrate third party cameras from a single user interface.

The flexibility of IDIS Solution Suite was demonstrated as Safe IT used an analogue and IP mix and match approach of new IDIS cameras while retaining existing third party NVRs and legacy models. The cameras were rapidly and easily connected using a third party encoder while improving system performance.

An IDIS video wall was also deployed to provide live and centralised monitoring capabilities.

“The IDIS video solution has provided Prisma with greatly strengthened and improved efficiency of our security operations, ensuring an enhanced and proactive user experience for system operators,” reported Jari-Pekka Repo, Security Manager, Prisma Tripla.

“Prisma is delighted with the high performance of the IDIS solution and we are now looking to roll the technology out to more stores in 2023.”

“The flexibility and scalability of IDIS Solution Suite has allowed Prisma to truly futureproof their surveillance operations as they embark on a phased upgrade at stores across the Nordics,” noted Harry Kim, Director, IDIS EMEA Business Development Team.

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Redvision and barox secure major UK retail site

barox Kommunikation AG was recently selected to provide video management and 90W PoE at the flagship retail space, The Mall, Cribbs Causeway, UK.

The Mall at Cribbs Causeway comprises of 130 stores across two levels and is designed to provide shoppers with a complete retail experience.

Outside, the complex includes free parking for 7,000 vehicles, protected by a network of CCTV cameras that provide shoppers with both visual security and safety while they shop and dine.

With a brief to upgrade an existing CCTV system, RAW Fire and Security took over the maintenance and modernisation of the camera network at the site’s car parks.

Kevin Oakley, RAW Fire and Security explained: “After inheriting a network of cameras, we were asked to begin a program to update the existing analogue infrastructure to IP cameras, to take advantage of the latest developments in CCTV technology, along with adding IR and white LED lighting.

“As we wanted to provide The Mall’s security team with the very best surveillance performance, we specified and installed Redvision’s industry leading X4 COMMANDER rugged ball PTZ camera, including on-board illumination.”

Replacing analogue cameras on each of the car park’s poles, the Redvision cameras were required to be connected at the base of each pole for video and data transmission back to the onsite control room, utilising the site’s integrated fibre cable network.

During the first upgrade phase, these were accompanied with a bespoke-made bracket containing a fibre optic converter, power supply for camera and lights, plus another power supply for the splitter.

“This was a feasible solution at the time but we were struggling to package the disparate technology all-together satisfactorily in the confines of the base of each pole,” continued Oakley.

“Looking to source a better long term solution, we came across Switches made for Video manufacturer barox, who supply the only capable switch to be approved for use to provide PoE Mode B power to Redvision cameras.”  

Deploying the Redvison approved barox LT-LPITE-402GBTME 4-port 90W 802.3bt industrial compact switch at the base of each pole, RAW Fire and Security engineers were able to install a bespoke and supremely capable solution that provides the X4 COMMANDER and its ancillaries with uninterrupted, switchable power.

The first and only switch to be approved with the ability to provide PoE Mode B power to Redvision camera technology, The Mall security team now benefits from ultra-reliable power delivery.

“The advantage of the barox LT-LPITE-402GBTME 4-port 90W 802.3bt industrial switch has been its ease of installation, performance, size and 4-port capacity,” added Carl Best, Security Manager, The Mall.

“Alongside each Redvision camera, on some poles we also have a static bullet camera that permanently observes key sensitive areas, such as the staff walkway and the children’s play area.

“The 4-port capacity of the barox LT-LPITE-402GBTME ensures that we have future-proofed spare capacity with which to install other cameras too if we should ever need to expand our camera surveillance coverage, and all without the need to install additional video transmission or power infrastructure in the poles to facilitate those expansions requirements.

“So successful has the barox/Redvision solution been, that we are looking to expand its use across the site, rolling out this proven solution across many more camera locations on our journey to a completely IP CCTV based system.”


PopID biometric verification platform to enhance customer experience at UAE retail stores

Network International and Carrefour have recently confirmed the implementation of the Face Pay verification platform from PopID, a first for biometric payments in the UAE.

By utilising the provider’s platform, customers visiting Carrefour stores in Deira and Amsaf are now able to make purchases by simply smiling.

The proprietary facial recognition technology, developed by PopID, and provisioned through Network International’s acceptance network, scans customers’ faces at the payment terminal.

According to an article published by Al Bawaba (via MSN), consumers can enroll for the service through the Carrefour mobile app or website.

Bernardo Perloiro, Chief Operating Officer – GCC, Majid Futtaim Retail said: “Carrefour is a leader in introducing new technologies that enhance the customer experience, whilst finding solutions that can eliminate friction.

“Face verification will make it easier and more convenient for our customers to check out efficiently – without having to reach for their wallets.

“This safe, seamless payment method only takes a few seconds, and we are excited to be one of the first retailers to be rolling this out across the UAE in partnership with PopID and Network International.”

“We are thrilled to continue driving the evolution of biometric payments with the UAE’s first-of-its-kind face verification platform,” added Andrew Key, Group Managing Director – Acquiring, Network International. “Face Pay aims to make checkouts quick, convenient and seamless for a superior customer experience, and secure businesses from potential fraud with robust security protocols.

“Network International is proud to be the first acquirer to launch Face Pay-enabled biometric payments acceptance in the country.

“With a strong track record of leading payments innovation in the region, we aim to continue investing in strategic partnerships that further the potential of payments across the UAE.”

John Miller, CEO of PopID and investment company, Cali Group, also commented: “In America and Japan, we have demonstrated that allowing consumers to link Face Pay to loyalty accounts and payment methods enhances revenue, increases speed of ordering and check out, drives loyalty engagement and reduces fraud.

“We are excited to implement the platform with Carrefour and Network International in grocery for the first time in this region.”

RFID - Prosegur

Prosegur Security launches new suite of RFID solutions

Prosegur Security, a supplier of security technology, has launched a complete suite of next-generation RFID products and solutions.

The company says that these new products include RFID readers with the highest accuracy available, labels and tags that work in the most challenging environments and a cloud-based platform with integrated RFID and advertising.

“Inventory visibility is critical for retail success across harmonised retail channels,” said Tony D’Onofrio, CEO of Prosegur’s Global Retail Business Unit. “The new technologies being announced by Prosegur today address critical challenges brought about by the environments difficult for RFID that are typically found in physical stores. Working with leading retailers over the last several years, we have identified improved technologies that address accuracy, range, cost and ease of use chainwide.”

According to D’Onofrio, Prosegur’s suite of next-generation solutions include an award-winning overhead smart exit reader developed at the University of Cambridge in the UK; transformative labelling solutions for specialised applications including metal, liquid and other challenging materials; completely new way of deploying RFID in source-tagging; wearable devices for store associates to facilitate frictionless commerce; innovative EAS & RFID pinless hard-tagging solutions; and an integrated RFID and advertising platform with AI analytics that can monetise the security systems for the retailer. 

“Prosegur has identified the best available technologies for each component in an RFID program and we have invested into bringing them together into a comprehensive suite of solutions that make RFID more accurate and easier to manage for retailers,” said Robert Simoneau, Prosegur’s Head of Retail Innovation.

“This transformative approach will improve inventory accuracy, reinvent loss prevention and give the retailers a new approach to offset cost and grow revenue.”


ISJ Exclusive: Shopping made secure

Tertius Wolfaardt, Architecture & Engineering Manager, Axis Communications MEA examines retail safety and security in the 21st century.

When a person walks into a store, whether it’s standalone or in a mall, they’re likely admiring its design, aesthetic and construction; not thinking about its security features.

Retailers face unique challenges when it comes to deploying security measures in what are typically “public” spaces. They set out to create a welcoming environment, while simultaneously striving to protect customers and mitigate threats to facilities, assets, people and stock.

With the global perimeter security market estimated to be worth $70.8 billion in 2022, and with the commercial sector – which includes retail – accounting for the largest market size, vendors and service providers are constantly innovating and working to deliver cutting-edge security solutions.  The same is true for Axis, a company that takes a holistic view of these solutions. Axis deploys security and surveillance technology that not only protects retailers but augments and upgrades the retail experience for all stakeholders.

With the right technology, hardware and managed services, security takes on a new form, leaving shoppers, visitors and retail partners feeling safer. Security becomes an integral part of retail operations, improves operational efficiency and helps reduce costs.

A return to normal?

The Middle East & North Africa (MENA) physical security market, estimated to be worth $1.8 billion in 2022, is expected to reach $3 billion in value by 2028 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of around 7%. The growth can be attributed to trends and demand from commercial and construction activities as well as demand for specific technologies that facilitate access control and help deter criminal activity. With the COVID-19 crisis receding, consumers are being encouraged to return to communal spaces like retail stores and corporate offices.

This is not in response to a momentary or knee-jerk trend. Despite making more online purchases, many shoppers in the Middle East still prefer to visit physical stores where they can see and interact with merchandise and enjoy personal human interactions.

But, while this bodes well for the sector, the sector must still stand up to crimes such as shoplifting, money and checkout fraud, burglaries and vandalism. Retail crime threatens both businesses and consumers and, by providing a blanket of comprehensive security, both can feel at ease.

From the shop floor up

For retailers, the way forward is to envision their security as a working ecosystem, with every piece of hardware complementing each other to provide monitoring, access and deterrence measures. The Axis ecosystem of video, audio, access control and analytic solutions is conceived and built for enterprises to take a holistic approach to their security. Single vendor solutions let retailers integrate several security functionalities including video surveillance, access control, data analytics and audio into a single system.

It starts with video coverage. Axis IP-based cameras are equipped with multiple sensors and boast 360-degree directional capabilities. Aided by deep learning functionalities that gather and analyse data in real time and from the point of origin, they take video coverage to the next level. With video analytics, malicious or aggressive behaviour is identified, reported and discouraged. Retailers can also monitor shoppers and gather insights on their in-store movement and purchasing habits.

Meanwhile, network door stations let retailers control the flow of authorised personnel in and out of facilities. Using video systems, retailers can monitor health and safety violations, while audio systems provide the means to broadcast announcements and reminders about company procedures. With the help of trusted vendors and partners, these systems form a single solution that can improve security and optimise store operations.

We’re beyond using a few CCTV cameras hooked up to a stack of monitors in the corner office. With the industry being a hotbed for innovation, and with vendors like Axis aiming to make retail spaces safer, retailers must consider the power of technology.

From securing sales floors, cash rooms, parking lots, loading docks, entrances and exits, safety and surveillance solutions can help protect stores, staff and customers.  

This article was originally published in the January 2023 edition of International Security Journal. To read your FREE digital edition, click here.


ISJ Influencer 2022: Anderson Fagundes da Silva, Head of Loss Prevention Transportation, Mercado Livre Brazil

The World Economic Forum, through the Global Risk Report 2022, already tells us that there is little faith in accelerating global economic recovery, with authorities and business leaders citing climate change and increasing social tensions.

The global divergence in several domains in the post COVID-19 recovery threatens to widen disparities and exacerbate social fractures – global leaders will have to navigate social fractures, economic deficits and climate change.

The world is focused on an economic recession and one of its main causes is the war in Ukraine which, in the sequence, can bring and maintain social instability for 2023. Consequently, this will have impacts on public and social security. Therefore, in the case of the European Union, the main challenges will be economic and public/social security issues with possibilities of disturbances and social manifestations that will certainly impact the continuity of business.

For Latin America, in general, the countries now almost entirely governed by leftist parties, and some with more authoritarian governments, have marked routines or manifestations linked to the social and economic instability that the region is experiencing.

So, what are the challenges that security professionals will face? The protection of people and business continuity management! However, the premise will be the daily and uninterrupted monitoring of incidents, as they can be “small”, but in a short period of time they will take a greater proportion and strongly impact people and businesses.

In the case of Brazil, which is one of the most important countries in Latin America, despite the current economic stability, the country is politically divided between left and right and there is a strong tendency for a rupture after the election results. Since practically half of the population become opposition, in a country where public security is a challenge, this adds to social instability and security managers will certainly have to review all their protection plans and business continuity plans – this is high on the agenda and shouldn’t leave anytime soon.

In other words, monitoring scenarios, anticipating trends, simulating contingencies and training multidisciplinary teams in incident solutions and business continuity management will be more than important for 2023.

The pandemic taught us to handle contingency plans with faster responses; the speed of detection and response to incidents and protection will be key points to ensure the continuity of business and the protection of people. It sounds easy conceptually, but it’s like running a marathon all week, putting together the necessary strategies to make good time and not suffer with fatigue! Security managers should be more skilled with soft skills.

Dealing with business continuity management and people protection in 2023 will require emotional intelligence, negotiation power, persuasion, resilience and, especially, situational leadership. We can arm ourselves with resources and technical knowledge, but if we don’t have personal skills and soft skills at a time of crisis, everything can be lost. The security manager will need a lot of soft skills and resilience to drive tough business continuity and protection agendas.     


Anderson is currently Head of Loss Prevention Transportation at Mercado Livre Brazil. He has over 25 years of experience in the security field. He was a Military Police Officer of the Brazilian Army, and passed through large organisations in the areas of ports, airports, logistics, industry and tobacco. He is a lawyer and has participated as a speaker at several international seminars and conferences focused on maritime security, logistics security, risk management and compliance in many countries in the world.

This article was originally published in the December 2022 Influencers Edition of International Security Journal. To read your FREE digital edition, click here.


CM-SR Series wireless receivers and transmitters introduced by Camden

Camden Door Controls has recently announced the availability of its CM-SR Series standalone two channel wireless relay receiver and encrypted fobs.

CM-SRX2 relay receivers – which support up to 30 transmitters – are IP65 weather-resistant and feature a rugged construction with a built-in antenna for mounting both outdoors and indoors.

The two Form C contacts are rated 1 A @30 VDC. CM-WTX2 ultra compact fobs are 868 Mhz. transmitters with high security rolling code, with 19 trillion combinations.

The CM-SRFM2 system kit includes one high security standalone wireless receiver and two transmitters.

CM-SR Series wireless systems are designed to activate locking devices, such as magnetic locks and electric strikes and automatic gate and door operators. They’re ideal for one or two door access control and are especially beneficial in retail, commercial and healthcare facility settings.

The rugged IP65 rated components are also perfect for gate or parking garage applications.

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OPTEX confirms release of New FlipX Advanced sensors

Following the successful EMEA roll out of its FlipX Standard indoor sensors in September, OPTEX has announced the launch of its new Grade 3 FlipX Advanced series.

OPTEX FlipX sensors feature a bespoke pyroelectric sensor for increased performance that adapts to the human shape and a unique lens that can be ‘flipped’ to provide both wide and narrow detection in a single sensor.

By rotating the lens through 180°, the sensor can be used to protect narrow or long areas such as a corridor or warehouse aisles up to 24m, or a wide, open area like a lobby or a high value retail store to 15m at 85°.

In addition, to provide a higher level of security, the Advanced models feature intelligent IR-Antimasking, which protects both the PIR and microwave sensors, generating an alert if they are covered.

It’s also equipped with additional algorithms to ensure stable detection and to reduce ‘false’ alarms.

Double conductive shielding means nuisance alarms caused by changes of light, temperature or Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) can be avoided. FlipX Advanced sensors also feature a ‘super high PIR sensitivity’ mode, which when set, enables the sensors to maintain stable and highly reliable detection even when the temperature difference between the human and the environment is very small; this ensures greater catch performance for high-security, high-risk sites where missed alarms are unacceptable.

Following the launch, OPTEX plans to release further models in the FlipX series in early 2023.

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Axis Communications announces two new multipurpose pendant speakers

Axis Communications has announced two new multipurpose, easy to integrate, all-in-one pendant speakers. Ideal for mounting on high, open ceilings, the visually attractive speakers can be used to make live or prerecorded announcements and to play background music, improving the customer experience and supporting security and safety.

AXIS C1510 Network Pendant Speaker and AXIS C1511 Network Pendant Speaker are all-in-one speakers that make audio announcements smart and easy. The new speakers are particularly well-suited to retail stores, shopping malls and other environments where design is of importance, blending seamlessly and elegantly into any surroundings. The pendant speakers can be installed in any ceiling, regardless of height, through simple adjustment of the cable length depending on requirements.

The new smart speakers allow customers to mix live or pre-recorded announcements and commercial ads to suit various needs and increase business efficiency and also play background music to improve the customer experience.

Like all Axis network audio devices, the new speakers connect to standard networks and use one network cable for both power and connectivity (Power over Ethernet).

Key features in both AXIS C1510 and AXIS C1511 include:

  • Built-in audio management software handling zoning, scheduling and prioritisation between content sources
  • Based on open standards, both speakers can integrate with video management software (VMS), Voice over IP (VoIP) telephony (using SIP) and with analytics from Axis and our partners
  • I/O ports, enabling integration with other systems and devices such as PIR sensors, buttons, strobe lights and more
  • In-built and clearly visible LED which adds visual status information ideal for many different use cases
  • Remote health testing through in-built microphone.

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