Xtract one

Xtract One’s AI-powered technology delivers a seamless patron experience without compromising on safety. Our physical security solutions provide actionable insights to improve security operations and elevate the visitor experience across a variety of venues. We are dedicated to driving the digital transformation of physical security with AI-driven products that provide advanced threat detection, efficiency, and scalability.

Our diverse team has developed a cutting-edge AI platform specifically tailored to the complex needs of our customers. Xtract One’s SmartGateway is a non-invasive threat detection solution that provides fast, accurate patron screening at high-throughput facilities. It unobtrusively scans for weapons and prohibited items, helping you quickly and safely process a large volume of visitors. Our newest product, Xtract One View, streamlines management and reporting, providing you with a single, simplified dashboard to monitor settings, system health, and analyze vital facility data.

Xtract One’s innovative ‘Security as a Service’ approach delivers technology, custom scalability, and actionable business intelligence while reducing labor costs and optimizing the visitor experience.


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