Police Service of Northern Ireland suffers major data breach

data breach

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A major data breach has occurred involving the Police Service of Northern Ireland.

The names and work locations of every member of staff and civilian personnel was leaked on 8 August.

Whilst Assistant Chief Constable Chris Todd said there were no immediate security issues as a result of the breach, many have expressed concern for officers who are regularly targeted by militant groups.

How the data breach happened

The Police Service of Northern Ireland accidentally shared the sensitive information in response to a freedom of information request.

According to the BBC, an Excel spreadsheet over 10,000 lines long was provided rather than a numerical table, which was later published on a freedom of information website.

The list was later removed.

“It is limited to surname and initial only, but that will be still of significant concern for many of my colleagues, I know that, and we will ensure we will do everything we can to mitigate any security risks that are identified,” added Todd (via Reuters).

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