Knightscope boosts security with autonomous robots

Knightscope boosts security with Autonomous Robots

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Knightscope, a developer of autonomous security robots (ASRs) and blue light emergency communication systems, has unveiled strategic security robot deployments at diverse locations throughout the US.

The company revealed that its K1 Hemisphere ASR was deployed in a church car park, the lobby of a medical centre and outside the main entrance of an amusement and recreation services facility.

Significantly enhancing security

The Hemisphere is easily mountable to various surfaces or objects and is the company’s smallest solution.

The platform has three cameras that deliver up to 210-degrees of eye-level, high-definition video, alongside features like a strobe light, automatic license plate recognition, optional facial recognition, automated broadcast announcements and intercom capabilities.

The Hemisphere can also operate on a wired or fully encrypted wireless network.

The amusement facility additionally deployed Knightscope’s K5 ASR, improving its mobile car park and perimeter protection.

According to the company, the ASRs translate to faster forensic searches and prompt responses to potential threats.


Knightscope leads in public safety technology, focusing on fully autonomous security robots and blue light emergency communication systems, with a vision to make the US the safest country globally.

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