Securitas Technology unveils annual Global Technology report

Securitas Technology unveils report

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Securitas Technology has released its highly anticipated sixth annual Global Technology Outlook Report.

This comprehensive report offers a wealth of insights, trends and data across various security topics, catering to all verticals within the industry.

What makes this year’s report stand out as explained by Securitas Technology is the inclusion of exclusive survey data obtained from over 900 security decision-makers worldwide, providing unique perspectives on emerging technologies, opportunities and challenges within the security landscape.

Security, health and safety technology

Tony Byerly, Global President, Securitas Technology commented: “We’re on a mission to become the industry’s premier trusted partner and advisor in security, health and safety technology.

“Gathering and providing this type of information to our clients is one way we can deliver on that mission.

“As our clients navigate an increasingly dynamic and complex business environment, including the ever-evolving world of technology.”

The report spans a wide array of topics, delving into crucial areas such as artificial intelligence (AI), data analytics, cybersecurity and data privacy.

Some key data-driven insights highlighted in the report include:

  • 86% of organisations use subscription based electronic security services
  • 41% organisations leverage their electronic security systems to drive operational efficiencies and increased cost savings
  • 85% of organisations are using security technology for predicting and preventing threats

Securitas Technology’s report

According to Securitas Technology, its dedication to providing not only security solutions but also acting as a trusted advisor underscores its commitment to helping clients adapt to the evolving technology landscape.

The company explains that The Global Technology Outlook Report stands as a testament to this commitment, offering a roadmap for businesses to navigate the complexities of the modern security industry.

From AI to data privacy this report, as indicated by the company, is a comprehensive guide for anyone seeking to stay at the forefront of security technology trends.

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