Axis highlights green initiative: Planting 1,000 trees in Ireland

Green Initiative_ Axis plants 1,000 trees

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In a collaborative endeavour for climate action, Cloudforests, a social enterprise dedicated to environmental sustainability, welcomed Axis Communications to join its tree-planting green initiative along the northwest coast of County Clare, Ireland.

Building upon the success of an inaugural planting day in 2022, which also saw Axis’ active involvement, this recent event contributed to the expansion of Cloudforest One, the organisation’s initial site.

CloudForests leads the green initiative which brings together sustainability-focused organisations, referred to as ‘CoolPartners,’ all working towards cooling the earth through positive actions.

Bringing together sustainability-focused organisations

The green initiative involves planting over 1,000 trees in a single day, contributing to the growth of Cloudforest One.

The gathering presented opportunities for participants to learn about local beekeeping initiatives, engage in valuable networking and observe the thriving population of kestrels during the evening twilight at Lahinch.

“A fantastic initiative”

Alongside CoolPartners, Damien Flaherty, an Account Manager at Axis also contributed to the effort and helped establish a new orchard at the site.

Flaherty explained: “Nothing prepared me for what I saw and felt on the day, it’s a fantastic initiative when you see it with your own eyes…

“Instead, I found that it’s an experience that makes you feel good about yourself and what you’ve done!”

CloudForests originated in response to the challenges presented by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Bernard Pender, the CEO and Founder, CloudForests took the opportunity to refine his vision for establishing a network of native woodlands along Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way.

Since its establishment, the green initiative has grown to encompass five community foresting projects, reaching across the coastal regions of Counties Clare and Kerry in Ireland.

“Doing something positive for the world”

Axis Communications has been a CoolPartner since the initiation of the support scheme in 2021.

Pender added: “Axis is one of our greatest supporters and it is always a pleasure to bring our CoolPartners together in a joint initiative like this.

“Cloudforests is about more than just tree planting.

“It’s about doing something positive for the world.

“These forests are all about climate action and there’s no better action than putting roots in the ground. This year’s planting day greatly expanded Cloudforest One – I can’t wait to see it grow.”

Green initiative supported by Axis technology

The Lahinch site is supported by Axis technology, with a 4K camera capturing time-lapse footage.

An automated Axis PTZ camera ensures 24/7 live video coverage, providing global viewers with a glimpse of the continuously expanding treeline.

The technological installations are built according to Axis to withstand the often harsh weather conditions along Ireland’s Atlantic coast.

“It’s about biodiversity in action”

Flaherty concluded: “It was great to meet people from across the industry… but it’s not just about the people or even the trees – it’s about biodiversity in action.

“We were learning about the native tree species and encouraging their population to grow, turning land which isn’t agriculturally viable into eco-friendly woodland which supports wildlife and helps cool the earth.

“It’s a brilliant scheme and it’s important that everybody does something to help.”

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