Airbus and Cellnex sign mission critical communications MoU

Airbus and Cellnex sign mission critical communications MoU

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A European operator of wireless telecommunications infrastructures has signed an MoU with Airbus.

Cellnex will collaborate with the global company to explore opportunities in business and mission critical communications around Europe.

Airbus and Cellnex: Addressing communication needs

The MoU will see Airbus provide private and public end user organisations with critical communication solutions through its Agnet platform, with Cellnex providing services such as the deployment and maintenance of networks as well as applications.

The partnership also means that Airbus will be able to utilise Cellnex’s connectivity solutions and service capabilities to address communication requirements in critical sectors across multiple European countries.

Airbus will therefore be able to cater to the communication needs of key verticals.

Eric Davalo, Head of Europe, Secure Land Communications, Airbus commented: “The MoU should increase our chances to generate and grow joint business for both business and mission critical users from various vertical segments in different countries in Europe.

“This will fully allow us to further address communication needs in key verticals such as public safety agencies, airports, healthcare, utilities and energy and – together with Cellnex – help companies embrace their technological evolution, with the use of our Agnet solution.

“We are proud to be working hand-in-hand with Airbus and are eager to contribute to transforming the market with a more cost efficient communication solution while meeting our customers’ needs” added Mikko Uusitalo, Global Director, Mission Critical & Private Networks, Cellnex Telecom.

“As telecom infrastructure market leader in Europe, Cellnex will benefit from Airbus’ extensive experience and knowledge in end user organisation’s operations and needs, while continuing to provide next generation solutions to our loyal customers around the continent.”

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