Bosch solutions enhance safety and situational awareness

Bosch solutions to enhance safety and situational awareness

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Bosch has unveiled new IP-based horn loudspeakers as well as an amplifier module.

The high-output LHN-UC15L-SIP horn, the compact LHN-UC15W-SIP horn and the AMN-P15-SIP amplifier module have all been added to Bosch’s extensive portfolio of solutions.

Safety, security and compliance

According to the company, the horns are designed to provide superior sound quality and flexible integration for video security and public address applications.

‘The LHN-UC15L-SIP and LHN-UC15W-SIP horns serve as a state-of-the-art integrated audio solution for use with video security systems, providing immediate audio intervention when and where it is needed most,’ the company confirmed in an announcement.

Monitoring perimeters is a crucial responsibility for businesses, facilities and institutions to ensure safety, security and compliance.

By effectively monitoring and securing perimeters, organisations can create a secure environment and mitigate potential risks and threats – this is where the horns can play a critical role, ensuring real time situational awareness with audio alerts.

To find out more information about the new solutions, click here.

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