Mission-critical communication solutions from Airbus help secure Bahrain Grand Prix 2023


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Airbus has confirmed that the company was the critical communication technology partner at the Bahrain Grand Prix, rolling out its mission-critical solutions for the 2023 F1 season opener.

Airbus provided the race’s organising committee with its TMR880i, THR880i, TH1N and TH9 Tetra radios and RCS9500 Radio Dispatch Console for deployment in all key areas.

These solutions and their influential technologies provided secure collaboration and connectivity between organisers and security teams, successfully safeguarding personnel and the venue.

“For Airbus, our incredible experiences at such internationally acclaimed events like the Bahrain Grand Prix only reinforce our commitment to ensuring the services and solutions we provide continue serving their function as forces for good in the inter-connected world of communication,” said Selim Bouri, Vice President, Airbus Secure Land Communications, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

“Through the winning combination of secure connectivity, world-class technology and proven safety capabilities, our solutions have once again proven the value they bring to events and sectors of all kinds, as well as the importance of constructive collaboration in the name of public safety.”

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