Veridos introduces next-generation ePassports in Latvia

Veridos introduces ePassports

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Veridos, in partnership with the Portuguese state printer INCM, has recently supplied Latvia with advanced ePassports.

These ID documents feature Veridos’ innovative security features, including CLIP ID Echo, Amber ID, Diamond ID and Spectre ID.

The ePassports, now accessible to Latvian citizens, are recognised for their high quality and advanced security measures, marking a significant step forward in Latvia’s passport technology.

Veridos’ solution

Following the release of the new documents, the company and Latvia have concluded a successful project.

Veridos, a joint venture between Giesecke+Devrient and Bundesdruckerei, secured the contract for this large-scale initiative.

In addition to providing the documents, the collaboration with Latvian authorities encompasses supplying the central personalisation system and offering support and maintenance services over a period of five years.

The partnership signifies a significant milestone in the advancement of Latvia’s document management infrastructure.

The ePassports feature the security technology known as CLIP ID Echo, which includes a repeated portrait and biographical data of the cardholder, such as date of birth or ID number.

This information is visible only from specific angles, enhancing the document’s security.

CLIP ID Echo is an evolution of colour laser image protected ID, a technology that integrates vivid colour photos into the next generation of polycarbonate ID documents.

The innovative solution combines secure laser engraving with durable image printing, providing maximum flexibility in the production and personalisation process.

New generation of ePassports

  • Amber ID: Dynamic metallic window for personalised security
  • Diamond ID: Highly secure transparent stripe, with smart colour technology
  • Spectre ID: Dynamic image illusion, enhancing security features

Latvia joins the list of countries benefiting from Veridos’ technology, ensuring safe and comfortable travel for its citizens with the delivery of the new documents.

Marc-Julian Siewert, CEO, Veridos expressed: “Our ePassport demonstrates innovation, sophistication and redefines secure document authentication.

“The integration of a colour photo represents a milestone in the development of security documents, seamlessly combining aesthetics with advanced security.

“Except for Germany, Latvia is the only country in the EU to offer their citizens an EU passport with a colour photo on a polycarbonate data page.

“This achievement underlines our long-standing partnership with Latvia, which is relying on Veridos‘ expertise to provide advanced security features”.

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