Pinnacle Systems launches new integration platform

Pinnacle Systems launches new platform

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Pinnacle Systems has recently unveiled its latest innovation, an open integration platform designed to revolutionise monitoring and control solutions within the security and facility management sectors.

According to the company, the end-to-end, independent integration platform offers integrators a wealth of opportunities for proactive and innovation-driven solutions tailored to the unique needs of their clients.

Pinnacle Systems’ platform

At the core of this platform is its ability to provide designers with unprecedented control over hardware selections within their security ecosystems, empowering them to create highly customised and efficient solutions.

Ric Martin, CEO, Pinnacle Systems commented: “At a time when security is the priority for so many sectors impacted by a rise in crime levels, we are thrilled to introduce Pinnacle Systems.

“Our platform represents a quantum leap forward in the evolution of security integration, offering a level of independence, choice and flexibility never before seen in the industry.”

The company states that it focuses on understanding the needs of integrators and end-users, aiming to adapt to market demands and advancements in AI and machine learning.

This ensures its platform delivers solutions capable of thriving in a changing landscape.

An integral aspect of the platform is its capability to provide on-site and remote control and monitoring of integrated solutions, regardless of the manufacturer.

In contrast to traditional solutions, Pinnacle Systems remains independent, allowing integrators the flexibility to select the most suitable hardware and software for their clients’ needs.

This approach empowers integrators to offer tailored solutions that closely align with end-user requirements.

“The ultimate solutions for end-users”

Martin concluded: “There are so many fantastic products out there in the market, we want to bring them together to provide the ultimate solutions for end-users. 

“Pinnacle Systems pushes the boundaries of what is possible in security integration, constantly exploring new technologies and methodologies to deliver evolving solutions to its customers.

“As pioneers in integration, we also believe that true innovation comes from listening to the needs of our industry and being proactive to meet demands. 

“With Pinnacle Systems, we are proud to offer a platform that empowers our customers to take control of their choices and deliver to their customers, whilst adapting to the security challenges of today and tomorrow.”

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