Mul-T-Lock introduces new vehicle security solutions

Mul-T-Lock introduces new security solutions

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In response to the continued rise in commercial vehicle crime, Mul-T-Lock has unveiled a new line up of vehicle security solutions aimed at providing optimal protection.

The latest crime survey statistics reveal a concerning trend, with 11,714 vans stolen in the UK in the past year and £3.5b worth of equipment taken.

With police forces and insurance companies emphasising the importance of additional security measures, Mul-T-Lock introduces its MVP commercial vehicle locks.

Mul-T-Lock’s products

One of the options available is the MVP1000, which serves as an entry-level locking system suitable for a variety of van doors, including rear and sliding ones.

With its push-to-lock mechanism, the MVP1000 allows for quick and keyless locking, catering to most commercial vehicle models.

The system can be easily installed without professional assistance and is offered for individual purchase or as a pair of keyed alike on the patented MTL300 key system.

Another addition to Mul-T-Lock‘s line up is the MVP2000, notable for its straightforward installation process.

Acting as both a visual and physical deterrent, the MVP2000 can supplement default vehicle locks or be retrofitted onto existing vehicles, complete with secure fixings.

Its comprehensive, non-corrosive lock body solution features a design free of hanging parts and includes a dedicated mounting bracket to protect the paintwork beneath the lock.

Jamie Jagpal, Mechanical Product Manager, Mul-T-Lock commented: “With so many UK businesses relying on their van or multiple vans to operate smoothly, the latest van theft statistics paint an alarming picture.

“The figures speak for themselves and are only predicted to rise, with as many as one in three drivers falling victim to vehicle intrusion, costing workers billions of pounds in lost revenue and replacement tools.

“Our new MVP launch has been designed to specifically address this and offer an affordable proposition to our customers and the market in general.” 

“Ultimate protection”

Jagpal added: “We are presenting a portfolio that can offer the ultimate protection for most commercial vehicle models, whilst being quick and easy to install. 

“And we will continue to expand the range so that more van owners can benefit from a comprehensive, true innovation in modern commercial vehicle security and lock design.”

Later this year, the MVP1000 and MVP2000 will be complemented by the advanced MVP3000 model, offering van owners a range of solutions tailored to their specific van and business needs.

He concluded: “Our MVP portfolio sets the standard when it comes to commercial vehicle security.

“We are extending our high-performance commercial vehicle locking solutions to an even wider number of people to ensure the safety and security of their vans and assets with the introduction of the MVP1000, continuing the powerful physical and visual deterrent trend our MVP2000 has demonstrated. 

“The imminent launch of MVP3000 demonstrates how we consistently innovate to protect our customers, their assets and help in the fight against commercial vehicle crime.”

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