Logpoint and IT-TOTAL collaborate to protect SMEs in Sweden

Logpoint and IT-TOTAL collaborate

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Logpoint has announced a new partnership with IT-TOTAL, a provider of secure and customised IT infrastructure solutions, enabling IT-TOTAL to offer a complete Security Operations Centre (SOC) service based on Logpoint Converged SIEM technology, which includes real-time monitoring, detection, triage, analysis and management of known and unknown threats.

Protect against cyber-attacks

Fredrik Jubran, Regional Manager MSSP, Logpoint commented: “We’re so pleased with our collaboration with IT-TOTAL, enabling small and medium-sized organisations in Sweden to act on threats.

“IT-TOTAL has a dedicated team of employees with the knowledge of methods, roles and technology necessary to deliver a SOC service that provides real value to the customers in the mid-market.

“Together, we can help them as they seek to mitigate regulatory pressure and stay protected against cyber-attacks.”

Both companies stated that they are dedicated to assisting customers in addressing cybersecurity challenges, such as the scarcity of cybersecurity professionals and the substantial resource investment required to establish an in-house SOC.

Swedish organisations must also contend with expanding data and cybersecurity regulations, such as the Network Information Security (NIS) directive from the European Union, which imposes stringent requirements across various sectors, particularly affecting numerous small and medium-sized enterprises.

Securing entire businessess

Diego Lopez, Cybersecurity Business Development Manager, IT-TOTAL added: “We meticulously reviewed different SIEM solutions in the market and Logpoint matched our delivery and business model.

“Most SIEM solutions in the industry are designated to fit the larger Enterprises.

“Logpoint also fits small and medium organisations and offers a pay as you go model.

“On top of this, Logpoint has a local presence in our market, which is very important to develop the business on a regional level.”

IT-TOTAL is set to offer the Logpoint Converged SIEM platform, which assists customers in securing their entire business by providing comprehensive threat detection, investigation and response capabilities.

The platform gathers and analyses data from across the IT infrastructure, streamlining the investigation process for security events and offering case management tools to aid security analysts in automating responses.

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