How to Improve Vacant Property Security

Vacant Property Security

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Most of us will never make any greater monetary investment than in purchasing property.

Protecting our most significant assets is vital, whether you’ve invested in property for living in or for letting out, especially when that property is vacant.

There are a number of important measures that can be put in place to safeguard your vacant property security.

Secure Vacant Property to Avoid Unnecessary Worry

There are some important initial considerations when leaving a property unoccupied for an extended period, especially during winter.

We would suggest vacant property owners take the following actions as a priority:

  1. Minimise the risk of water damage
  2. Inspect the site and protect against criminal damage
  3. Reduce the fire threat
  4. Take out insurance
  5. Consider alarms and CCTV surveillance

Bear in mind that an unoccupied commercial property policy is often more difficult to arrange than standard insurance.

Insurers may insist on additional precautions, such as installing an approved intruder alarm and monitored CCTV.

Common Threats to Vacant Properties

Vandal spraying graffiti
Graffiti is a common problem for vacant properties left unprotected. Image credit: Pexels


There’s an estimated 20,000 squatters in the UK.

There is an urban myth that squatting is a legal right, however this ambiguity in the law only applies to commercial buildings.

It has been illegal to inhabit a house or apartment without permission for years.


Unlawful waste disposal or ‘fly-tipping’ could occur on properties when they’re vacant.

his refuse can be liquid or solid and may vary significantly in size, from a solitary bin liner to huge volumes of debris offloaded by trucks.

Any neighbourhood where refuse is strewn can quickly get an unwanted reputation for being dilapidated, messy and squalid.

If left, the situation may be exacerbated by swarms of insects and vermin.


Property owners should never have to worry about their investment being vandalised in their absence, but every week this crime causes significant impact.

Vandals are out there now and your vacant property could be the next target.

Solutions to Vacant Property Security

Residential CCTV Camera
CCTV cameras can deter to unwanted intruders. Image credit: Unsplash

There is good news as the solutions for protecting vacant properties have never been so accessible nor so affordable.

SafeSite Security Solutions for example, offers services and products to ensure criminals can’t take advantage of your hard earned investment.

Example being:

Staffed Security

Dedicated, on-site staffed security for residential buildings is a genuine option.

This staffed security service is the right choice for those who own very affluent flats and houses and cannot let their precious property fall victim to crime.

Whether you need a security service to cover a one-off occasion or a continuous presence to patrol the grounds and perimeter, getting a bespoke solution to safeguard property when that protection is required is a sound investment.

Remote Monitoring

A vacant dwelling monitored alarm offers 24-hour security for properties.

When a monitored alert is activated, and the source is considered suspicious, immediate steps are made to alert the owner and police.

This is an affordable solution for those who can’t choose an on-site security guard.


Installing video surveillance for 24-hour monitoring of vacant properties will help keep them more secure.

This option can be an affordable and eye-catching deterrent to criminals without the continual fees involved in employing personnel.

If an alarm is activated, the owner can be notified within minutes by an alarm monitoring team, who can also contact the police if they are required.

Access Control

You can enforce temporarily blocks or controlled access to a vacant property with special boarding.

There are timber and steel sheet options which offer robust protection from the weather and intrusion.

Perimeter Protection (Concrete Blocks)

Concrete block barriers are a straightforward and efficient means of keeping vacant homes and land secure.

These heavy, substantial blocks are available in lengths of one to four metres and are designed to be immovable without specialist equipment.

Temporary Anti-Climb Fencing

Popular fencing units feature an anti-climb wire style that ensures no one scrambles over them to intrude onto protected premises.

The thin-mesh format also makes the unit lightweight for simple transportation while boasting efficient security when installed.

These are also popular for securing construction sites and plots of land pending sale, as well as vacant property security.

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