Heras prepares for busy summer as football season draws to a close

Heras prepares for busy summer as football season draws to a close

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Now that the 2022/23 football league season has drawn to a close across the UK, Heras is in overdrive, fulfilling contracts to either install new football turnstile systems – or upgrade existing ones – at clubs up and down the football pyramid.

The company, a leading end-to-end supplier of permanent and mobile perimeter protection solutions, has been busy manufacturing systems ready to be installed this summer in grounds.

Heras, which has its UK head office in Doncaster, has seen a steady stream of enquiries over the last few months from clubs from the Premier League down to the National League who are looking at ways to increase the speed at which fans can safely enter football matches.

A summer of security projects

Heras has been in talks with football clubs that are building new stadiums, those that need upgrades to cope with increased attendance following promotions and clubs that are looking to modernise turnstiles – which will spell the end of clubs needing staff to operate them on matchdays.

Graham England, the company’s Head of Installation says that demand is being driven by the changing way in which clubs interact with fans – particularly around the match day experience: “It wasn’t that long ago that football fans queued up a turnstile and showed their ticket to a member of staff who then admitted them to the ground.

“Top flight clubs are leading with the way in the use of smart card technology that not only admits a fan into a stadium, but that can also be used for purchasing on-ground refreshments and merchandise. Clubs are using this technology to get closer to fans by tracking their purchases and activity – to tailor their matchday experience.

“This summer, we will be installing our turnstiles at one football club which has a state-of-the-art entrance control system which will integrate seamlessly to make it easier and quicker to enter the ground.

“This is especially noticeable at grounds that have stadium capacities in excess of 40,000 fans.”

“Heras turnstiles are already in operation”

Heras has been busy manufacturing its flagship B700 in the UK over the past few months and the company has been storing them ahead of deploying installation teams.

B700 is Heras’s best-selling turnstile and is available in a range of configurations to match a wide variety of security levels, operational and aesthetic requirements, such as: 90’ 4-arm, 120’ 3-arm, single or double, trombone or straight arm, mesh or solid rotor. 

Materials and finishes include high quality polyester powder coating in a wide range of colours as well as optional galvanised and stainless steel frames and rotors to withstand the harshest external environments.

England added: “Heras turnstiles are already in operation at the vast majority of Premier League football clubs and we are fortunate that our reputation proceeds us – so clubs specify our turnstiles.

“We’re in for a busy summer – especially as we know that we have an immovable deadline ahead of the next football season starting in August!”

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