UAE airport deploys intelligent solutions from Ipsotek

intelligent solutions

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Ipsotek, an Eviden Business at Atos Group, has provided its AI video analytics technology for the new Midfield Terminal Building at Abu Dhabi International Airport.

The soon to be opened terminal will enhance its operations, security and safety by deploying the intelligent solutions.

Intelligent solutions deployed

The Midfield Terminal Building at Abu Dhabi International Airport is renowned for its iconic architecture and international attention.

The technology from Ipsotek was deployed at the terminal in partnership with Atlas Security.

According to Ipsotek, the advanced surveillance capabilities of the solution enable operators to detect and identify potential threats across various zones of the airport.

By leveraging intelligent algorithms and machine learning, the system can recognise suspicious behaviors.

Moreover, it can spot unauthorised access attempts or other pre-defined security risks in real time, allowing for swift response and mitigation.

“We are proud to collaborate with Atlas”

“The deployment of Ipsotek’s AI video analytics solutions at the Midfield Terminal Building signifies a significant leap forward for the aviation industry,” said Sophiene Marzouk, Country Manager, Ipsotek UAE.

“We are proud to collaborate with Atlas Security to deliver state-of-the-art technology that enhances operations, security and safety in one of the world’s most iconic airport buildings.”

“Atlas Security aspires to implement the best technology for security systems in airports and we therefore look to partner with companies bringing innovation in security applications with artificial analytics,” added Khizer Rehman, Project and Technical Manager, Atlas Security.

“One company that brings this cutting-edge technology is Ipsotek and Atlas Security is proud to work in the Midfield Terminal Building with Ipsotek.”

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