AI capability added to Hanwha Vision PTZ PLUS cameras

Hanwha Vision

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Hanwha Vision has unveiled its new range of PTZ PLUS cameras featuring powerful AI capabilities.

The advanced AI is capable of providing accurate detection and classification. 


According to Hanwha Vision, the AI PTZ PLUS range is designed for large open areas.

This includes airports, car parks, stadiums, city centres and industrial estates.

Moreover, the cameras are extremely effective for perimeter protection.

The inclusion of AI helps reduce false alarms and allows the cameras to accurately classify objects including persons, faces, vehicles and number plates.          

AI auto-tracking

One key feature of the X Series AI PTZ Plus cameras is its auto-tracking functionality.

Driven by the upgraded AI engine, this allows the solution to distinguish between individuals and vehicles.

To do so, the cameras automatically lock on to desired targets and track even small objects in challenging scenarios characterised by low-light and nocturnal settings.

A missing object redirection capability swiftly recovers temporarily lost targets, allowing uninterrupted tracking despite unforeseen disruptions.

“Continued commitment”

In addition, AI PTZ PLUS also come subscribed to an MQTT server that enables it to work seamlessly with other devices and sensors in an installation.

This includes IoT sensors.

The new 2MP, 6MP and 4K cameras can also capture evidence-grade images of objects up to a distance of 200 metres away in all lighting conditions, thanks to adaptive IR technology.

“The AI PTZ PLUS range underpins Hanwha Vision’s continued commitment to advancing the way businesses operate, by delivering high definition visual data and AI insights that extend beyond traditional security,” commented Uri Guterman, Head of Product & Marketing, Hanwha Vision.

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