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Notting Hill Genesis sees through the clouds with Cloudview and Amthal


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Amthal has been working closely with UK-based, secure cloud CCTV specialists, Cloudview to upgrade legacy network surveillance systems into smart cloud based, compliant solutions for the benefit of staff and residents at Notting Hill Genesis.

Notting Hill Genesis is one of the largest housing associations in London and the south-east. With head offices in Kings Cross and five further site locations requiring high quality protection for more than 1,500 office based staff, Amthal has worked closely with Cloudview to take responsibility for security maintenance across the office portfolio, alongside ensuring the safety and security of residents in new and existing housing stock.

To ensure efficiency savings, compliance and smart capability when it comes to CCTV, Notting Hill Genesis’ visual data partner, Cloudview is supplying its specialist systems for Amthal to install across the office and development network. The new system removes the need for digital video recorders and allows authorised personnel instant and secure remote access for management of evidential footage stored as required in case of a threat or emergency.

Says Suki Kahlon, Office Services Manager, Central Services for Notting Hill Genesis: “The need to update CCTV systems to ensure compliance with the latest GDPR regulations was of paramount importance, both for the Notting Hill Genesis team and also our residents and their safety. Partnering with Cloudview and later with Amthal who understand our working environment, is of great assurance.

“Both operated to enable a scalable upgrade programme of works across our office base and housing developments. Essentially our ambition is that wherever we have CCTV systems in place, we want to upgrade to the cloud and bring our networks together in a centrally managed, visual data infrastructure. The Cloudview solution has been well received by building managers and authorised personnel and being simple to install with Amthal minimising downtime, provides remote access across to our housing portfolio as and when required for all our safety and security.”

In total, to date Notting Hill Genesis, together with Amthal’s installation and maintenance teams has completed the install at its head office in Kings Cross and West London office in Hammersmith, alongside new housing development connections, forming part of its pledge that everyone has a safe and secure environment.

The new surveillance technology is created to offer alerts when instant action is required, based on what is identified as a threat. Visual data can be accessed anywhere at any time on any device and shared immediately and saved for up to 12 months if required, with 30 day delete options as standard to comply with GDPR. It is only accessible by authorised personnel all with audit control capability, for full compliance.

Stephen Bates, CEO of Cloudview added: “Notting Hill Genesis is committed to providing safe and secure communities for residents to thrive. And equally it is very clear on its responsibilities to its team, who are at the heart of these communities. The need for smart surveillance technology, that can be centrally managed is integral and we were delighted to offer a solution that could bring these requirements together. With the help of Amthal, we could enable a seamless installation process between all Notting Hill Genesis’ offices and housing developments.”

Phil Bryant, Manager ‑ Strategic Accounts Team of Amthal Fire & Security added: “At the heart of social enterprise is the need to create homes and communities in which residents want to live, managed by dedicated, local teams as Notting Hill Genesis employ, who now have smart systems in place to ensure ongoing safety and security.

“The Cloudview system installed by Amthal, with both of us operating in constant collaboration, has proven to offer best value and significant efficiency savings, that can be maintained to ensure ongoing compliance and simple maintenance plans. It also allows Notting Hill Genesis staff to have a much more reactive and instant approach to any threat identified, creating total peace of mind all round.”

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