Milestone to unveil video technology trends at Intersec 2024

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Milestone Systems has revealed its 2024 trends in video technology, featuring the latest innovations in data-driven video technology solutions as part of its showcase at Intersec 2024.

The company seeks to clarify the advantages of these innovations for end-users in the security sector and beyond, demonstrating its commitment to spearheading advancements that foster safer and more efficient environments amid the dynamic changes in the regional security industry.

Following the successes of Intersec 2023, Milestone Systems, along with its partners, has prepared to introduce research-backed smart solutions tailored to meet the evolving needs of the region.

Pivotal video technology trends

Milestone Systems highlights two key influences shaping the data-driven video technology space:

Synthetic data

Video analytics software heavily depends on accurately labelled training data for interpreting video scenes, but biased or inadequately labelled data can compromise both the effectiveness and ethicality of the software.

Synthetic data, artificially generated rather than obtained from real-world sources, emerges as a promising solution to address bias issues.

It introduces diversity into training data, effectively mitigating bias and ensuring precise labelling from its inception, thus avoiding inaccuracies resulting from human error in manual labelling.

Additionally, Synthetic data safeguards individual privacy and addresses consent-related concerns by using accurate consumer information with permission or compensation.

Responsible technology

In 2024, as AI drives advancements in video surveillance, responsible technology gains prominence, urging tech companies to integrate ethical practices into development, sales and customer usage.

A 2023 global survey of 150 technology decision-makers revealed that 85% of tech decision-makers expect responsible AI and surveillance practices as prerequisites for future engagements.

Seen as a critical priority, reliable technology is anticipated to be a ‘license to operate’ in the next three to five years.

Amidst the evolution of data-driven video technology, the human element is emphasised, positioning people at the core of the solution.

The convergence of AI and human expertise is set to revolutionise safety and security, making the embrace of data-driven video technology essential for preparing for AI-driven trends in 2024 and beyond.

Milestone Systems

Milestone Systems is a leading provider of data-driven video technology which enhances safety, asset protection and business efficiency through its open platform community, delivering reliable and scalable solutions globally since 1998.

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