The Key Safe Company to attend Intersec 2024

The Key Safe Company Intersec

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The Key Safe Company has planned to debut at Intersec, presenting its latest innovations to the global market from 16-18 January 2024 at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

Pioneers in key safe technology, the company has been instrumental in sectors ranging from emergency services to holiday lets, introducing key storage to the UK care industry with its popular Supra C500 product.

Latest innovations

At Intersec, Key Safe will feature two new innovations, including the ark Tamo key safe from its police-preferred range.

Tamo, the world’s most secure mechanical key safe, offers enhanced reliability without batteries, providing digital key safe functionality with 9.7m code combinations and illuminated buttons for night access.

Additionally, the company will showcase KiCall, an innovative platform sharing critical access information securely in real time on a cloud-based system.

“First time we’ve exhibited”

David Ogden, Founder and CEO, The Key Safe Company expressed: “We are incredibly excited to be at Intersec 2024.

“We’ve been regular attendees in the past, but this will be the first time we’ve exhibited.

“As a company, we are no stranger to firsts.

“We were the first to launch a police-approved key safe in the UK with our Supra C500, the first to launch a multi-push key safe with our Tamo products, the first to achieve A10 attack test rating from LPCB on a mechanical key safe and B1 on the upcoming Tamo Pro and Europe’s first ISO-approved company to sell key safes.

“We have led the way in access management solutions for almost 30 years and now, utilising our in-house mechanical and electrical design teams, we are proud to be showcasing market-pioneering UK innovation with two unique systems which react to market demand.”

World’s most secure push-button key safe

Tamo has earned certification as the world’s most secure push-button key safe, being the sole mechanical key safe to achieve the LPS1175 Issue 8 A10 security rating from the Loss Prevention Certification Board.

With a ground-breaking multi-push keypad, Tamo provides an unprecedented 9.7 million unique secure code combinations, setting a new standard for mechanical locks and surpassing digital counterparts in reliability by eliminating the need for batteries or a power source.

KiCall, featuring QR code technology, directs users to a secure cloud-based platform with two-factor authentication, offering a universal solution for safe door access codes, first-aid advice and critical information for emergency services.

Both Tamo and KiCall showcase The Key Safe Company’s market-pioneering design and innovation, driven by nearly 30 years of expertise.

“Offering unapparelled levels of reliability”

Ogden added: “Our Tamo range of products are game changing as they’re the world’s first multi-push mechanical key safe which are the most reliable – and customers rely on this product working every time as it can save lives.

“If a battery runs out or digital solutions have complications, people’s lives can be at stake, but this is not a concern with the Tamo product range.

“No other mechanical key safe comes close in terms of offering unapparelled levels of reliability and security, built to police preferred specification by ‘Secured by Design’ – the official UK Police security initiative.

“Our background has always been storing the key at the point of need, but through KiCall, we now offer the ability to log activity and store information at the point of need too which is a direct response to scenarios given to us by clients, where they have required information to be passed – for instance – to a property manager needing access codes to a vacant unit or patient details for a nurse delivering in-house care.”

The Key Safe Company

Established in 1996 and headquartered in Worcester, UK, The Key Safe Company is a leading provider of security solutions.

The company specialises in the design, production and marketing of various security products such as police-preferred key safes, secure cabinets, access control systems, key cabinets and padlocks.

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