Liberty Defense to deploy systems at Asia Pacific airport

Liberty Defense - Asia Pacific airport

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Liberty Defense Holdings, a company specialising in AI-based advanced detection solutions, has revealed plans for the deployment of its HEXWAVE system at an international airport in the Philippines.

The sale was facilitated by the company’s international distributor, with deployment scheduled for the summer of 2024.

Contactless threat detection

The screening will take place at the airport’s forecourt to screen individuals entering the terminal.

Liberty’s HEXWAVE product is a walkthrough, contactless threat detection system designed for identifying concealed metallic and non-metallic objects.

Utilising AI, it offers automated decisions to security operators, enabling the rapid processing of individuals.

Liberty Defense: “Enhanced screening”

Bill Frain, CEO, Liberty Defense stated: “We continue to see an increase in demand from airports on a global basis for enhanced screening at various checkpoints and entrances.

“In addition to screening for aviation workers, airports are taking advantage of HEXWAVE’s mobility and scanning individuals as they enter the terminal as part of an added and layered security approach.”

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