Dahua Technology releases upgraded Full-color 2.0 network cameras


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Dahua Technology has recently released its upgraded Full-color 2.0 Network Cameras that offer brand new functions – including Dual-lens, 4K colour image, Vari-focal Lens and AI features – that can significantly optimise surveillance monitoring and greatly benefit end users in terms of clear and colourful image output.

Dual-lens camera

The upgraded Full-color 2.0 now offers dual-lens cameras with large F1.0 aperture that collects 2.5 times more light compared with F1.6 aperture. Its Dual Light Fusion capability allows the camera to collect visible colour details and lightness information using separate lenses. These cameras are equipped with dual CMOS (1/1.8” and 1/2.8), providing 36% increase in brightness and 14 times increase in S/N ratio. With pixel-level frame-by-frame mapping, these dual-lens cameras present high image definition and vivid colours even when the supplementary white light is off, thus reducing light pollution and attraction of insects that can adversely affect the monitoring of the scene. What’s more, by utilising the high precision AA (Active Alignment) process, the lenses and sensors of these cameras are all precisely aligned, ensuring that the scene is captured and restored clearly and accurately.

4K colour image

Details and colors are two essential elements in surveillance monitoring. They can be used to detect and recognise targets to prevent any possible incidents or events. The 4K network cameras of Full-color 2.0 are equipped with 1/1.2’’ image sensor. Compared with conventional 8MP camera, this image sensor significantly increases the pixel size by 110%, allowing it to capture real-time 4K colour images even in environments under low-light condition. In addition, these Full-color 2.0 cameras also boast 42% increase in brightness and 400% increase in S/N Ratio, providing a clear and high-quality image of the monitored scene.

Vari-focal lens

The upgraded Full-color 2.0 network cameras adopt motorised vari-focal lens with approx. 5x optical zoom and auto focus function that can maintain clear details of the monitored scene even after zooming in. It solves the difficulty in capturing vivid colour details of targets during night time or in environments with low illumination, which is a common pain point when using traditional IR vari-focal cameras. It covers narrow indoor spaces and wide outdoor scenarios and makes operation more convenient and greatly saves time and labour costs.

AI features

Moreover, the upgraded Full-color 2.0 network cameras can work with Dahua 5-I/L series NVR, which enables colour search of human and vehicle targets and allows extraction of relevant video footages. It includes the colour of the person’s clothes (top and bottom), as well as the colour of the car exterior. Additionally, another amazing AI feature of this camera series is its AI Schedule that allows users to set different AI functions according to the time schedule, providing more flexibility in monitoring and greatly reducing operation costs.


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