New smart LiDAR solution unveiled by Blickfeld

Blickfeld-smart LiDAR

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LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) specialist Blickfeld has introduced “Blickfeld QbProtect” a 3D LiDAR sensor tailored for security applications.

With on-device software for zone, fence and façade monitoring, the company highlights that QbProtect processes unauthorised entry data without external computers, offering directly usable results in standard formats.

The device ensures reliable object detection in diverse weather and lighting conditions, minimising false alarms for heightened security.

The sensor is easy to install, integrates seamlessly into standardised security systems and offers configuration through an intuitive graphical user interface.

LiDAR: Reduces false alarms

Blickfeld’s 3D LiDAR technology employs numerous laser pulses per second to scan the surroundings, producing accurate 3D point clouds with integrated software.

Users can visualise the point cloud and effortlessly define, adjust and position security zones via a browser-based graphical user interface (web GUI).

Moreover, they can specify the object size that triggers an alarm upon entering the zone, reducing false alarms by excluding small animals or vegetation.

The collected data is anonymous, ensuring compliance with data protection regulations.

Customisable alarm

According to Blickfeld, customising alarm triggering conditions is made easy with QbProtect’s web GUI, employing a straightforward drag-and-drop method.

Users can choose from tested presents for alarm triggers and intuitively adjust individual steps and conditions as necessary.

This flexibility enables a personalised security solution without the need for programming efforts.

Robust construction and easy installation

Blickfeld assures that installing QbProtect is straightforward, requiring minimal cables as on-device software eliminates the need for an external computer for data analysis.

Power and data transmission are consolidated over a single cable through Power over Ethernet (PoE).

Utilising Blickfeld’s Smart LiDAR “Qb2” the hardware adopts a solid-state design without mechanically rotating parts.

The housing is IP67-rated, ensuring resilience against dust and water ingress.

Overall, Blickfeld QbProtect is designed to be robust, durable and low-maintenance.

“Highly accurate detection”

Florian Petit, Co-Founder and CXO, Blickfeld commented: “In introducing the Blickfeld QbProtect, we present the first smart LiDAR designed for the security industry.

“It not only provides precise 3D data but, through integrated analysis software, delivers directly usable results that can be easily integrated into video management systems and intrusion detection systems via standard interfaces without requiring specialised knowledge.

“The new sensor is straightforward to operate through an integrated web GUI, setting new standards in user-friendliness.

“Security personnel immediately benefit from significantly improved, anonymous and highly accurate detection of unauthorised entry into sensitive areas, such as power plants, airports or other critical infrastructures.”

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