ZeroEyes announces active shooter training roadshow


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ZeroEyes, Inc. has announced a roadshow to support active shooter training events.

The company will conduct demonstrations and discussion sessions to educate schools and law enforcement on how to prepare for and respond to active shooter scenarios by leveraging AI gun detection software supported by real time threat intelligence.

ZeroEyes is planning training events with several schools and will begin its roadshow at the following locations:

  • Hobbs Municipal School District (Hobbs, NM) – 20 July
  • South Side Area School District (Beaver County, PA) – 28 July
  • Rancocas Valley Regional High School (Mt. Holly, NJ) – 17 August

The Gun Violence Archive has recorded more than 300 mass shootings in 2022, averaging 1.7 mass shootings a day. School districts remain a prime target, as evidenced by the recent shooting in Uvalde, TX. Active shooter training events are designed to improve active shooter prevention tactics and boost first responder and police response to future gun threats.

As part of the drills, law enforcement will test their response times for real world active shooter scenarios both with and without the ZeroEyes platform. Additional school districts and businesses will be invited to attend lunch and learning sessions, hear law enforcement, speak about ZeroEyes’ technology and see a demonstration of the platform.

ZeroEyes’ AI gun detection platform integrates with existing security cameras and utilises hundreds of thousands of proprietary images to detect the brandishing of a gun and alert a potential gun threat.

The gun detection is then sent to the ZeroEyes Operation Center (ZOC) for human verification before a timestamp, keyframe image and location are dispatched over desktop and mobile applications to faculty, staff and first responders within three-five seconds.

Learn more about ZeroEyes and its mission to mitigate gun violence by visiting

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