A simple locking handle gives clinic patients peace of mind


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When one medical clinic in Belgium extended their premises, they looked for modern, hassle-free door security to protect the practice and its team of five doctors and administrative staff.

Alongside security and convenience, the major issue Dermatologie Nijlen wanted to address was patient privacy.

“What we do most is examine patients from top to toe. They need to take all their clothes off,” explains Dr Nele Cattaert, Dermatologist Co-Founder of Dermatologie Nijlen.

“You see them watch the door and wonder whether anyone could barge in.”

Practice managers searched for convenient door locking to help their patients feel comfortable during a consultation. This locking would ensure practice rooms were secure and separated from public areas. They also targeted a keyless solution: They did not want anyone on the team wasting time carrying or keeping track of traditional keys.

An elegant door handle with inbuilt digital PIN functionality

On the suggestion of the builder who carried out the refit, Dermatologie Nijlen chose Code Handle Door locks to secure their practice rooms. These digital locks enable the business to keep consultation rooms private with simple, keyless locking. Patients are reassured.

Practice rooms are unlocked with individual four-to-six digit PINs via a PINpad integrated with the door handle. Admin staff can issue up to 9 different user PINs per lock; PINs can be cancelled or changed anytime. Code Handle makes this modern, digital security easy.

“The main benefit to us was that the patient could feel at ease,” remarks Dr Cattaert. “That patients did not get the impression that someone could come in at any time.”

The easy way for small organisations to forget about keys

This convenient security has been achieved without the complication or expense of wiring or software.

Installing a Code Handle Door Lock on almost any interior door is straightforward: It requires just two screws. The standard mechanical cylinder remains in place, with just a change of handle.

“In addition, it is a beautiful handle,” Dr Cattaert adds. “I did not know that a solution could be so small and compact. It doesn’t really stand out – although patients frequently notice it, saying: ‘Oh, it is a special lock, isn’t it, doctor?’”

To learn more about the Code Handle Door digital lock, download a brochure at: campaigns.assaabloyopeningsolutions

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