ZeroEyes deploys gun detection solution to Pontiac City Schools

ZeroEyes deploys gun detection solution

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ZeroEyes has implemented its gun detection and situational awareness solution in Michigan’s Pontiac School District (PSD) to enhance safety for students and faculty against potential gun threats.

PSD, consisting of nine schools, offers students opportunities in fields like Health Sciences, Business/Finance and Hospitality/Tourism.

“Schools as safe havens”

The district has integrated the company into its security measures, alongside a visitor check-in system, smart sensors and video management software, to ensure a safe educational environment.

Dr. Kimberly Leverette, Interim Superintendent, Pontiac School District commented: “At Pontiac, we’ve dedicated significant resources to fostering opportunities for students and we’ve witnessed the positive impact rippling throughout our community.

“Our mission is to cultivate our schools as safe havens and with ZeroEyes, we are able to enhance security and safety both during and after school hours.”

ZeroEyes’ software

The company’s AI-driven gun detection software works with existing digital security cameras.

When a firearm is detected, images are sent to the company’s Operations Centre (ZOC), staffed by trained US military and law enforcement veterans 24/7.

If a threat is confirmed, alerts and relevant information are promptly sent to local law enforcement and PSD staff within three to five seconds.

Mike Lahiff, CEO, ZeroEyes added: “In the past few years, the state of Michigan has experienced great hardship when it comes to gun-related violence.

Pontiac School District continues to show its dedication to safety and eye for innovation with its deployment of ZeroEyes.”

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