WEYTEC and Ventura Global announce partnership

WEYTEC - Ventura Global-partnership

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WEY Technology has revealed a new partnership with Ventura Global, specialists in infrastructure technologies.

Through this collaboration, WEYTEC aims to offer KVM workplace solutions and products for command and control rooms in the Middle East.

“We look forward to a long and strategic partnership”

Markus Bütler, Managing Director, WEY Technology commented: “We believe our partnership with Ventura Global in supporting the equipment of control rooms and trading floors in different sectors is a unique proposition to customers looking for flexible, high quality systems and solutions from a market leading company.”

Manoj Pillai, CEO, Ventura Global also stated: “In today’s world of rapid innovation and engineering, it’s tough to identify clear leadership in any solution.

“We are extremely pleased to partner with WEYTEC – as the best in class video and signal management solution for command and control rooms. Ventura’s success in such a prestigious and complex project in great measure is owed to WEYTEC. We look forward to a long and strategic partnership.”

WEY Technology emphasises its commitment to delivering value and innovation through a collaboration aiming to enhance efficiency and productivity for shared clientele.

The partnership aims to shape future workspaces, fostering creativity, collaboration and growth while staying at the forefront of global workplace advancements.

Both companies aim to deliver practical solutions that empower customers to concentrate on essential tasks in their daily workflow.

WEYTEC expresses enthusiasm for the fresh opportunities arising from this partnership and eagerly anticipates collaborating with Ventura Global to bolster its global presence across various sectors, including healthcare, banking & finance, government and more.

Department of Health in Abu Dhabi

During the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) event in Barcelona, Spain, WEYTEC and Ventura Global formalised an agreement to equip the control room of the Department of Health (DoH) in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

The technology incorporated in the control room, WEYTEC’s WDP MX, is designed to provide operators with a maximum user experience.

This implementation is expected to enhance the efficiency, response time and overall performance of the control room, enabling the DoH to deliver increased value and assurances to the citizens of Abu Dhabi and the UAE.

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