MARSS enhances security with $5.5m RADiRguard integration at key site

MARSS enhances security

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In response to the evolving security needs of a particular site, MARSS has embarked on a significant phase of development, building upon a multiyear program initiated in 2018.

As the primary contractor and technology partner for this ongoing project, MARSS aims to integrate up to 40 new RADiRguard units with existing systems and legacy sensors, including its NiDAR platform.

The overarching objective is to establish a comprehensive 24/7 autonomous monitoring, detection, tracking and decision support system designed to address security incidents effectively.

As part of the project, the security area at the site will undergo expansion, leveraging the capabilities of the latest RADiRguard units to enhance coverage and protection of the broader perimeter.

MARSS’ solution

Simultaneously, an upgrade to the existing control room is planned, ensuring seamless business continuity.

Scheduled for 2024, the installation phase follows a year of meticulous project design and refinement to meet the latest requirements, emphasising flexibility, scalability, adaptability and efficiency.

Integrated with MARSS‘ sensor-agnostic NiDAR platform, the system aims to alleviate the operational burden by consolidating all sensor data onto a single screen.

This streamlined approach enables a single security member to effectively monitor the entire system and coordinate responses to potential threats.

RADiRguard’s capabilities encompass surface detection, identification and classification of land based threats across multiple site zones. The flexibility of the NiDAR suite allows for suggested or automated responses based on the sensitivity of different areas.

“Anything entering this site will be detected”

Fahad Alayadhi, Senior Project Manager, MARSS commented: “RADiRguard provides an invisible fence. Anything entering this site will be detected, identified and classified in real time by MARSS’ NiDAR platform.

“This allows the operator to choose the most appropriate response, with NiDAR even able to recommend the best recourse for the detected threat.” 

Throughout the project’s lifecycle, the company‘s regional team has consistently provided hands on, flexible and adaptable support.

Navigating site-specific challenges, such as limited working hours, the team has been instrumental in helping the customer overcome obstacles. The team demonstrated its commitment by efficiently sourcing and delivering additional RADiRguard units on short notice.

“Persistent ever evolving threats”

Alayadhi concluded: “The project has been made possible because of the passion of the MARSS team from its regional headquarters in the KSA.

“No other organisation is able to deliver and commission security solutions, at the speed and quality needed, to protect critical sites, bases and borders from persistent ever evolving threats.”

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