VCA releases VCAcore 1.4 to deliver exceptional support to core markets


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VCA Technology has released VCAcore 1.4 to the market, delivering brand new functionality to optimally support operations in retail, traffic and security markets. The new functions to the flagship engine not only enhance security operational aptitude but also provides operators with enhanced business intelligence.

Key features include:

Deep Learning Filter

An upgrade on previous functionality, 1.4 now offers an added layer of analytics using Deep Learning that removes the need for calibration, minimises false alarms, is lightweight, cost effective and evaluates up to 250 objects per second.

Colour Filter

Enables integration partners to implement colour specific, post event analysis and reporting. This allows users to run searches by extracting metadata focusing on specific colours featuring in certain timeframes, areas etc. When executed in conjunction with the new deep learning people tracker, enhanced search functionality is achieved thanks to additional metadata for specific points of reference, allowing operators to search for particular coloured items of clothing, such as white trousers or red jumper.

VM Support

VCAcore 1.4 now supports operating systems in a VMware virtual machine environment, which was previously unavailable.

Deep Learning People Tracker

Designed for retail applications, it leverages Pose Estimation (skeletal analytics) to enable a more accurate detection of people in crowded or occluded scenes and can be applied to existing cameras without repositioning.

Hardware Monitoring (GPU & CPU)

Manages and creates alerts on the host system hardware to ensure the CPU/GPU is not overloaded. When supporting increasingly sophisticated AI and deep learning applications, alerts such as this help reduce instances of down time and even eradicate it thanks to defined parameters.


System arming and disarming can now be scheduled for specific days and times. Schedules can also be incorporated within a rules configuration to give the operator a more defined and automated alter configuration.

Kevin Waterhouse, Managing Director of VCA Technology commented on the update: “VCAcore is at the heart of our products; providing a modular, cross-platform engine that unleashes the true power of networked video.

“This update makes it even more unique as we can now offer key verticals not only improved functionality and applications, but business intelligence to save time. We have listened to our customers and delivered this update that really supports them in their new operating environment. From helping deliver more precise forensic searches to providing support to those operating in real or virtual environments, this programme is going to be a real game-changer.”

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