Vantage deploys Genetec’s solution across global data centres

Vantage deploys Genetec's solution

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Vantage Data Centers has revamped its global security operations by implementing the Genetec Security Center unified security platform and Genetec Mission Control decision management system.

With 32 data centres worldwide, Vantage opted for the Genetec platform to modernise security protocols.

Vantage’s data centres

As Vantage’s proprietary access control and video management systems aged, the company faced connectivity issues and maintenance challenges, hindering the integration of new technologies.

Deploying the Genetec Security Center platform at one location proved successful, leading to the decision to standardise security infrastructure across all facilities.

After unifying all locations with Security Center, the company introduced Genetec Mission Control to enhance response capabilities.

This decision management system guides operators through standard operating procedures and automatically generates incident reports for stakeholders.

The company implements seven layers of security, utilising various authentication methods like biometric readers, cards and pins, all managed through Security Center. The platform’s tracking capabilities create an audit trail, ensuring compliance and optimising processes.

Moreover, Vantage utilises the Genetec Software Development Kit (SDK) to develop custom applications, facilitating data compilation and standardisation of system naming conventions across sites.

Looking ahead, Vantage plans to integrate additional systems within Security Center, such as human resources software and video analytics.

Additionally, the company is exploring the deployment of Genetec AutoVu for automatic license plate recognition and Cloud Link Roadrunner for improved enclosure management.

“Easier for our operators”

Firooz Barakzai, Global Manager, Security Solutions and Standards, Vantage Data Centers said: “Within Security Center, we’re managing about 500 cameras, 400 doors, 2,000 cardholders, a couple hundred intercoms and other sensors per location.

“Having all that information in one centralised view has made it much easier for our operators to see what’s happening.

“It’s also user friendly, so training new operators is faster.”

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