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TDSi provides Awareness Day and training for local integrators in Dubai


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Integrated security manufacturer, TDSi completed an Awareness Day and training event in Dubai this month for local systems integrators as part of the company’s commitment to partner training across the region and worldwide.

TDSi’s Senior Export Technical Support Engineer, Kevan Fry conducted the event and commented: “The event and training drew 50 engineers from 30 companies, all from local systems integrators keen to learn more about the advantages of deploying TDSi systems in the projects they are planning and working on.”

Kevan added: “The event featured one-on-one meetings along with further training sessions, which are part of TDSi’s ongoing market awareness program, delivering our vision of the concept that everyone deserves peace of mind from their security investments.”

TDSi has an ongoing commitment to offering education and training to its partners, as Kevan concluded: “TDSi’s products are only available through our systems integration and installation partners, so they are a vital part of our success. With the pace of technology evolution, it is vital that our partners are fully up to speed with the latest products and developments so we can continue to offer customers the very best service.”

At the vanguard of TDSi’s latest technology is the brand new cloud-based GARDiS range, which was launched with the GARDiS Access Management Software at the end of last year, before unveiling its new GARDiS Controller this month. GARDiS is designed to give powerful, yet highly user-friendly and fully-integrated security, utilising Cloud-based software and integrated hardware.

For more details on TDSi, its products and services, please visit the website: or telephone: +44 (0)1202 723535.

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