Tahakom and IDEMIA foster road safety and sustainability in Saudi Arabia

Tahakom and IDEMIA foster road safety

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Tahakom and IDEMIA Group, who have been collaborating since 2017, have signed a new extensive Memorandum of Understanding prioritising sustainability and road safety in Saudi Arabia.

In line with this agreement, both companies will conceive and implement initiatives to maximise the beneficial impact of their activities on the local community and environment.

Improving public safety

The collaboration will span across various areas such as work development, industry localisation, SME support, innovation, digitalisation and sustainability.

One of the objectives of this agreement is to develop Tahakom’s vision of public safety and smart mobility through AI-based technology.

Another objective is to promote the Saudi Vision 2030, which aims to position the country as a global investment powerhouse, strengthen its ties with the Arab and Islamic worlds and establish it as a strategic hub connecting Afro-Eurasia.

IDEMIA and Tahakom are providing the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with a road safety solution that functions perfectly in extreme weather conditions and can manage complex road violations.

Tahakom executives recently visited IDEMIA headquarters in Paris, France where Eng. Hani Alsaigh, Vice President of Supply Chain from Tahakom and Pierre Barrial, President & CEO, IDEMIA signed this agreement.

“Enhance road safety”

Hani Alsaigh stated: “We are pleased to grow our strategic partnership with IDEMIA and enhance public safety and smart mobility in the Kingdom through AI-enabled solutions, in line with the Saudi Vision 2030.

“IDEMIA continues to demonstrate its commitment with the provision of cutting-edge products and services encompassing the latest technologies.

“Our mutual mission to enhance road safety in the Kingdom is further strengthened through the expansion of the industry-leading solution and maintenance agreement.”

Matt Cole, CEO, IDEMIA Public Security added: “This partnership further strengthens Tahakom and IDEMIA’s commitment to ensure safer roads in the Kingdom.

“We thank Tahakom for its trust in IDEMIA and look forward to building upon our long-term technology partnership.”

Mazen Hamadallah, SVP of Road Safety, IDEMIA Public Security also remarked: “IDEMIA is proud to be a trusted partner of Tahakom.

“The IDEMIA MESTA offering provides citizens in the Kingdom with the most robust and recognised road safety solutions on the market.

“Our solutions help to safeguard peoples’ journeys and enhance public safety.”

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