SIOS LifeKeeper integrated with Milestone XProtect

SIOS LifeKeeper

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SIOS Technology Corp. has confirmed the release of a verified integrated solution with Milestone Systems.

The integration is said to combine Milestone’s XProtect platform with SIOS LifeKeeper for Windows.

“SIOS LifeKeeper empowers organisations”

According to SIOS, the new offering guarantees continuous access to the surveillance system’s control and configuration capabilities,.

This is expected to help prevent disruptions whilst enhancing operational efficiency.

SIOS LifeKeeper offers flexibility in deploying Milestone xProtect by eliminating the requirement for separating the Management Server from SQL Server.

“SIOS LifeKeeper provides a robust HA solution for protection of key Milestone components and flexible deployment,” said Margaret Hoagland, VP Global Sales and Marketing, SIOS Technology.

“SIOS LifeKeeper empowers organisations relying on video data to ensure uninterrupted operations, data integrity and seamless access to their surveillance systems.”

SIOS LifeKeeper for Windows joins SIOS DataKeeper Cluster Edition as a Milestone verified product.

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