Hikvision unveils Hik-Connect for Teams

Hik-Connect for Teams

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Hikvision has released an update for its security management platform Hik-Connect.

The updated platform is also known as Hik-Connect for Teams, as the new version not only meets the specific needs of individual users, but also caters to various medium sized businesses and multi-site management scenarios from offices to chain stores and communities.

Hik-Connect for Teams

“Previously, Hik-Connect accounts only allowed one login that companies would have to share if they wanted multi-user access,” said Ryan Wu, Product Director, Hikvision.

“With SMBs’ growing need for collaborative workspace, we baked new team features into Hik-Connect.

“A primary admin user can now create a multi-user account containing predefined user roles and add the whole team to the account, improving business efficiency and maximising team output.”

Operational efficiency with centralised management

Hik-Connect for Teams supports video security, intercom management, access control and attendance solutions.

Business owners and managers can benefit from visualised management, allowing them to easily keep track of all connected devices in the system, access real time video feeds and receive event notifications on the go.

The platform enables businesses to customise access levels for team members, based on specific roles and responsibilities.

This optimisation of workflow ensures seamless collaboration between team members.

High scalability for businesses

Hik-Connect for Teams allows companies to start small with the devices they are currently using and add in more devices and capacities as the business grows.

This way they don’t have to invest in new systems prematurely, allowing businesses to maximise the benefits of the latest technologies without heavy upfront costs.

Cost efficiency with simple deployment and remote maintenance

Being fast and easy to deploy, configure and use, Hik-Connect for Teams eliminates the hassle of initial setup and IT management costs.

Furthermore, the peer to peer (P2P) based system eliminates the need for expensive centralised servers and continuous monitoring.

Real time monitoring and upgrades can be performed remotely, further reducing costs.

To discover more about Hik-Connect for Teams and how it can help your organisations with multi-site management and multi-user access needs, please visit our official website.

You can also find more information about the Hik-Connect platform in general as well as its personal mode from the website.

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