British threat detection specialist Silent Sentinel unveils new acoustic hailing device range at DSEI


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Silent Sentinel has announced the launch of the Jaegar Sonus, a new acoustic hailing device range.

The Sonus will be capable of advanced target detection and deterrence, using in-built systems to illuminate the target and emit focussed long-range audio such as verbal warnings or a siren to act as a deterrent. The Sonus is available to view on Silent Sentinel’s stand no. H1-438 in the Security Zone.

Designed to be deployed as a stand-alone system or integrated into a wider, multi-layer security system, the Jaegar Sonus range are modular acoustic hailing devices that can deliver highly directional long-range illumination and sound. They are paired with a long-range illuminator and either an LWIR uncooled thermal or HD visible camera, however other configurations can also be offered.

The Jaegar Sonus uses advanced loudspeaker technology supplied by audio specialists VocCom, and is available with two hailing options, enabling it to produce up to 152db of sound pressure which delivers clear and intelligible speech at ranges of up to 2km. The system, which is mounted on the Jaegar PT director, also features the Jaegar’s unique through-shaft, enabling a fixed payload such as radar to be mounted directly above the camera for uninterrupted target detection and tracking.

By incorporating thermal and daylight camera optics and long-range zoomable illumination technologies into the system, Jaegar Sonus provides next-level surveillance and deterrent capabilities for remote security applications including maritime security, law enforcement, perimeter and border protection, wildlife management and control and critical infrastructure security for installations such as unmanned oil and gas platforms.

“We are building on our existing offering”

Additional options for the range include an integrated command and control platform, automatic tracking, digital magnetic compass and GPS.

Silent Sentinel is a well-established provider of surveillance and security systems, specialising in both cooled and uncooled long-range thermal camera platforms with products already exported to over 50 countries worldwide.

James Longcroft, Sales Director at Silent Sentinel, said: “We are excited to be unveiling the Jaegar Sonus range at DSEI, one of the most dynamic events in the industry calendar. Our expertise lies in combining industry-leading video and thermal imaging technology for the precise recognition of small targets at long range and in challenging environments.

“With the introduction of the Jaegar Sonus range of acoustic hailers, we are building on our existing offering with a system that has powerful deterrence capabilities. This system can be deployed as a stand-alone or can form part of a wider solution that focuses on our expertise in delivering and integrating thermal cameras and multi-sensor platforms.”

Ulrich Opperman, Sales Director of VocCom, said: “VocCom audio products are already in use in a wide range of military and security applications and we are pleased to be working with Silent Sentinel to produce an innovative and cost-effective threat detection solution which will give our customers a decisive advantage.”

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