Industry luminaries and security consultants discuss proposed government legislation to protect public spaces


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The TiNYg Technical Innovations Forum hosted by Axis Communications brought together a group of security industry experts to discuss the new UK Protect Duty legislation. Previously known as Martyn’s Law, the duty was established in response to the Manchester Arena terrorist attack of 2017. Currently, venue owners have no obligation to reduce the risk of such an attack, but the new legislation, aimed at public places, will ensure preparedness for and protection from terrorist-related threats.

Axis’ Steven Kenny, the host of the event and Industry Liaison Architecture and Engineering, commented: “Acting quickly and making sure that all stakeholders know their responsibilities is absolutely vital. In addition, making sure the right technology is in place to allow quick detection and response and to provide forensic analysis when required, could be a critical factor in preventing or minimising damage in case of an incident. Protecting public spaces is more important now than ever as the public realm has grown hugely in recent years. The owners of these spaces, frequented by the public, have a duty of care to protect them.”

Discussion points at the event included how technology might help organisations meet regulatory compliance and the importance of working with security systems integration partners. A recording of the entire event is available on demand and is relevant to consultants, systems integrators and end users who are responsible for the management of public spaces. The UK Protect Duty is currently open for consultation until July, so all views and comments are welcome.

Watch the event:

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