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Rhenus and LEGIC unveil enhanced document disposal solution

Rhenus e-lock

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Rhenus Data Office has joined forces with LEGIC Identsystems to develop a digital security-enabled container for secure document disposal.

The traditional secure disposal containers, employing mechanical locks, presented challenges such as key management, potential loss, manual access logs and customer-specific inventories, making logistical processes complex and less flexible.

“The key factor”

In collaboration with LEGIC and Lehmann Locks, Rhenus modernised its containers with a digital solution based on RFID contactless access control, utilising LEGIC’s IoT Security Platform and Lehmann Locks’ digital lock.

Containers were enhanced with the “Rhenus e-lock” featuring a LEGIC SM-6300, replacing physical keys with RFID smartcards.

The LEGIC Security Platform facilitates encrypted wireless communication, allowing smartcard management and auditability via a smartphone app, both online and offline.

1-ISJ- Rhenus and LEGIC unveil enhanced document disposal solution

Michael Wiegmann, Managing Director, Rhenus Data Office GmbH commented: “While LEGIC’s security technology is impressive and delivered all that was promised, the key factor was their support and consulting and the assistance provided by their partners at Lehmann Locks who could design and install the envisioned solution according to our needs.”

Key Benefits:

  • Key elimination: Replacing physical keys with RFID smartcards eliminates loss, copying and manual handling challenges
  • Authorisation management: RFID smartcards enable easy assignment, configuration, activation and deactivation
  • Automated logging: Container openings are automatically logged, ensuring reliable auditing and quality control
  • Simplified logistics: Generic containers replace customer-specific ones, offering flexibility and customisation on-site
  • High security: Employing AES-128 encryption and Secure Element technology ensures data and communication security
  • Offline operation: Containers function without the need for a network connection
  • Future-ready features: Easily implement new features via software updates, including authorisation hierarchies and potential mobile access upgrades

LEGIC’s expertise and partner network facilitated the swift definition, creation and delivery of a comprehensive solution.


Rhenus analyses and optimises complex processes across the supply chain, providing tailored solutions for procurement, production and distribution to enhance the company’s future logistics value contribution globally.


LEGIC Identsystems, headquartered in Switzerland, has facilitated global companies in deploying secure solutions through key management, trusted services and secure contactless semiconductors for various applications, including access, mobility, shared resources and industrial IoT using smartphones and smartcards.

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