Reliance launches new online presence to improve customer experience


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Reliance, the independent Security Technology Integrator and provider of Lone Worker safety solutions, has launched new websites for its Reliance High-Tech and Reliance Protect brands to reflect the changing needs of its customers post-COVID. The move towards greater business digitisation required Reliance to enhance its customer experience and online support material.

The new websites have a completely refreshed look and content, with easier navigation, enabling customers to quickly find key messages, case studies, information and contacts. The Reliance High-Tech and Reliance Protect brands are more closely aligned under the new online presence, particularly reflecting the consolidation and sharing of technologies within their respective markets. This will help customers more easily navigate the breadth of technologies and services on offer that, when sometimes combined, can deliver tangible benefits across the two brands.

Chris Allcard, Lone Worker Services Director at Reliance Protect said: “Research suggests that digital transformation has been accelerated by as much as seven years due to the pandemic so now is an opportune time to refresh our websites and online brands as people have increasingly turned to digital channels to do business. While we are still a people to people business, we do understand the need to support our customers and partners through multiple channels as effectively as possible. This underpins our shift towards more intuitive websites that align the Reliance brands, enhances the customer experience and provides support and educational content in a range of formats.”

As well as improving the customer experience, the new websites will help both Reliance High-Tech and Reliance Protect better understand their customers and what their painpoints, interests and priorities are. These insights will help to shape future service propositions and ensure the best possible level of service delivery.

To experience the new online presence, please visit Reliance High-Tech and Reliance Protect.

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