Prague office buildings connected via Sharry workplace platform


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Sharry has completed its largest project in the Czech Republic yet with the launch of its digital solution for the office part of the Prague-based DOCK complex, developed by Crestyl.

The contract includes a mobile application, “DOCK by Crestyl”, which connects users from all five office buildings and contributes to the greater sustainability of the project.

The DOCK complex on the border of Karlín and Libeň quarters in Prague has received the prestigious global LEED Gold certification for its sustainable development.

The smart software platform Sharry adds extra green points in accordance with ESG principles.

Instead of using plastic access cards, employees working at DOCK’s offices can conveniently open turnstiles or office doors by tapping their mobile phones; they can also reserve parking with a single click via the DOCK mobile app, eliminating the hassle of looking for a free parking spot.

Additionally, complex managers have access to a data tool called Sharry Insights which gives them a detailed overview of the occupancy in individual buildings and premises and allows them to adjust individual services such as reception or cleaning services accordingly.

The mobile app is currently available for companies in the DOCK IN THREE and DOCK IN FOUR buildings and soon also for the DOCK IN FIVE building. The community functions can also be used by all people working in the DOCK IN ONE and DOCK IN TWO buildings.

“We have connected several access control systems, including South Korea’s Suprema BioStar and C4 from Slovakia for the DOCK project,” said Michal Schindler, Head of Technical Solutions, Sharry.

“As a result, administrators can control who has access to the building, who is allowed into the car park or send users mobile phone alerts about news in the complex – all through one universal Sharry platform.

“At the same time, we allow each building or tenant to have specific feature and service settings according to their needs,” Schindler added.

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