NordVPN completes network development and increases access


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NordVPN has announced the conclusion of its comprehensive network development phase.

As a result, the cybersecurity company has increased the geography of locations customers can access, with the list of new places featuring Greenland, Trinidad and Tobago, Bermuda and Nepal.

NordVPN expansion

NordVPN has more than 6,200 servers and access to 111 countries.

The current extension of locations was possible by the introduction of a new set of virtual servers that, according to the company, follows the highest cybersecurity and privacy standards.

“The main reason we considered using virtual servers was to provide users access to locations where the possibility of establishing high quality physical servers is scarce, usually because of a limited physical server infrastructure.

“In this situation, virtual servers come as an optimal solution, providing speeds and connection quality equal to that of a physical server,” commented Marijus Briedis, CTO, NordVPN.

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