TAKEX launches new PB-60TX photoelectric beam sensor


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Security sensing technologies manufacturer, TAKEX EUROPE LTD, has confirmed the release of its PB-60TX solution.

The photoelectric beam sensor is said to have been designed for improved performance, easy alignment and reduced energy consumption.

PB-60TX from TAKEX

According to the company, its new sensor builds on the legacy of the established PB-TE twin beam series.

The PB-60TX incorporates a number of innovative features specifically designed to enhance security and user experience.

Not only does it offer a 53% reduction in energy consumption compared to previous models, it features a user friendly sound check function for effortless alignment.

Moreover, optional anti-bird spikes help prevent interference and drip-proof housing and self-sealing grommets provide enhanced insect and weather resistance.

The PB-60TX also introduces a secondary real time alarm output mode, opening it up to new applications such as people counting.

“Reliability, adaptability and energy efficiency”

“The PB-60TX represents a significant leap forward in photoelectric beam sensor technology,” commented John Angell, Business Manager, TAKEX.

“This innovative sensor offers unmatched reliability, adaptability and energy efficiency, catering to the evolving needs of security professionals and property owners.”

The PB-60TX utilises double modulation beam technology to ensure operational stability by significantly reducing the likelihood of false activation caused by ambient light.

TAKEX has also confirmed that the powerful new sensor boasts a sleek and compact design, allowing for it to be seamlessly integrated into modern property aesthetics.

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