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New access control whitepaper unveiled by 2N

New access control whitepaper unveiled by 2N

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2N has recently unveiled a whitepaper which charts the ongoing evolution of the access control sector.

‘Access Control 3.0: The new standards in residential access’ claims that we are currently witnessing the next chapter in the history of access control; according to the company, this is the third stage in the history of the sector.

Access Control 1.0 began with the earliest lock and key devices, Access 2.0 was initiated when Charles Walton received the first US patent for a passive RFID device. Today, 2N is suggesting that Access Control 3.0 will be characterised by seven pillars:

  • IP technology
  • Mobile access
  • Multi-user technology
  • Remote management
  • Cybersecurity
  • Environmental, social and governance (ESG)
  • Privacy and the protection of personal data

“IP technology has initiated a technological revolution in access control which is having a transformative impact on security, convenience and reliability,” said Michael Nicholson, Business Development Manager, UK & Ireland, 2N.

“It will continue to define industry standards and consumer expectations for years to come and it will do so worldwide. That is why it is right to call this the Access Control 3.0 era.

“It is also why it is so important for developers, property managers and systems integrators.”

The new whitepaper is available here.

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