Over one million biometric solutions for card payments shipped

One million biometric solutions for card payments shipped by Fingerprints

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The President of Payment and Access for a global biometrics provider has claimed that the company’s recent distribution achievement reflects the strength of its “collaborations with customers and partners.”

Celebrating the shipment of over one million of its flagship products, Fingerprints’ Michel Roig said the achievement will strengthen its place in the biometrics market.

Sectors such as retail and finance are increasingly becoming aware of the security benefits biometric-enabled solutions provide.

ISJ Analysis: Fingerprints’ secure and seamless biometric solutions

As people seek convenience from their in-store purchases, contactless payments have become the most widely used method of transaction across the world – this makes the security and authentication methods related to cards not just favourable, but critical.

When it comes to physical card technology, fingerprint recognition is therefore quickly becoming a favoured authentication method.

Research published by IMARC Group has suggested that the global biometrics market was worth approximately $33.2b in 2022. Further studies have also suggested that this figure will grow exponentially over the next five years.

Biometrics milestone reflects demand

The FPC1321 (T1) and FPC1323 (T2) sensor modules from Fingerprints are optimised for integration into payment cards and feature 3D image quality and ultra-low power consumption.

These sensor modules are developed on a sector-specific basis, guaranteeing reliability and effectiveness.

“We are thrilled to have shipped over one million modules to the biometric payment card industry,” Roig continued. “I believe this is testament to the quality, reliability and performance of our products and it demonstrates Fingerprints’ commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions that are tailored to meet the unique needs of each market.

“I am confident in our ability to defend and further strengthen our market position and look forward to continuing to innovate and develop products that enhance the security and convenience of biometric cards.”

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