Motorola Solutions deploys body cameras across Austrian police forces

Motorola Solutions implements body cameras

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Motorola Solutions has deployed 4,000 VB400 body cameras to police forces across Austria.

This nationwide initiative, according to the company, aims to assist frontline teams in de-escalating potentially risky situations, capturing evidence during operations and enhancing safety and transparency in interactions.

Motorola’s solution

The latest Global Peace Report stated that Austria is one of the safest countries in the world,  but according to the Ministry of the Interior, extremism, smuggling and cyber-crime continue to be threats to Austria’s security.

To meet these challenges, the Austrian government decided to invest in a number of initiatives to increase safety and security in the country, including the deployment of body cameras for the national police. 

Michael Kaae, Corporate Vice President, Motorola Solutions commented: “Body cameras have proven to play a crucial role in helping to improve safety at the front line, while also serving as a valuable source of evidence in criminal cases.

“We see an increasing demand for video technology, including body cameras, in-car video and fixed video solutions to help first responders keep their communities safe.” 

Key features

The VB400 body cameras come equipped with VideoManager evidence management software, facilitating secure handling and storage of evidential footage.

Officers can seamlessly upload and manage video recordings within their existing daily workflows, categorised by time, date and location.

These cameras also feature pre-and post-recording capabilities to ensure incidents are captured comprehensively.

With over two decades of collaboration, Motorola Solutions has been a trusted partner to public safety organisations in Austria.

These organisations, including police, fire brigades and emergency services, rely on the dependable Tetron network, powered by TETRA digital radio technology from the company.

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