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Tim Purpura, VP Global Sales & Marketing, Morse Watchmans and Dinesh Menon, Sales Manager, Morse Middle East discuss regional business opportunities and preview the 2024 ISJ Leaders in Security Conference, held in association with the company.

Can you tell us more about your presence and growth in the Middle East in recent years?

Tim Purpura (TP): “Business opportunities and growth in the Middle East have been booming because of new construction activity across many sectors, which also means an increasing need for new security technology and our key control products.

“We are investing a lot of time and energy in this very important region and will be for years to come.”

Dinesh Menon (DM): “We’ve been associated with Morse Watchmans for 22 years, during which we’ve observed impressive growth and expansion of our business, especially in the UAE.

“Our presence has extended across the Middle East, with over 1,200 systems successfully installed and operational, catering to the needs of more than 300 satisfied clients in countries such as the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Oman.”

How key are your dealer/reseller partnerships to your success in the region?

TP: “Dinesh and his tech-savvy team are experts in our product portfolio and have seasoned and established territory here.

“We also have knowledgeable dealers in Bahrain and Kuwait. Our dealer partnerships keep a constant pulse on all market sectors to explore new business opportunities as well as addressing the changing needs of existing customers.”

As a distributor of Morse Watchmans products, what is key to your success in the region?

DM: “The Middle East is a rapidly growing market presenting us with plentiful opportunities for expansion. Morse Watchmans products have consistently maintained high standards of quality, craftsmanship and innovation.

“Despite fierce competition, our products have thrived in this segment owing to its exceptional quality and operational features.

“Beyond product quality, our installation base is a key selling point for us in the region.”

What business opportunities are emerging in Saudi Arabia?

DM: “The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Vision 2030 is a great initiative by the government aiming at economic diversification strategy.

“The government seeks to reduce the nation’s dependence on oil and foster a robust private sector.

“This initiative entails both the expansion of established sectors like petrochemicals and mining and the development of emerging industries such as tourism, renewable energy and entertainment.

“Vision 2030 has created great opportunities for companies from mega urban development and tourism projects like NEOM, The Red Sea and Amala.

TP: “We have seen a rise in the number of luxury and first class hotel projects from Vision 2030 and investment into state of the art healthcare facilities.

“Due to the need for innovative solutions, we see a lot of opportunity for the growth of our footprint here, particularly for hospitality.

“Healthcare facilities always need to make continuous improvements to operational efficiencies and that underscores the need for security solutions that improve productivity and protect the bottom line.”

Can you tell our readers more about the themes you will be discussing at the ISJ Leaders in Security Conference?

TP: “The key theme that we will be discussing is the importance of robust security before, during and after emergencies as well as crisis management and how to avoid common mistakes.

“Emergency preparedness affects every industry and requires proactive planning and organisation with dynamic security technology solutions, policies and procedures.”

DM: “We will highlight how Middle East security industry businesses can contribute to emergency preparedness initiatives by fostering collaborative partnerships between public and private sectors through training, risk assessments and facilitating access to advanced technology.

“By working together with relevant stakeholders, these initiatives will enhance the region’s resilience and preparedness to effectively respond to any crisis and emergency.”

How does key control impact crisis management and emergency response in the Middle East?

TP: “When first responders arrive on site during an emergency, it’s vital that they have access to every area of the building for response and recovery.

“Doors are often locked without keys available to allow entry.

“It is our mission to address the needs of emergency first responders by ensuring that keys are immediately accessible to them when they arrive. Key control systems help to achieve this.”

DM: “Key management systems play a vital role in crisis management and emergency response in the Middle East by ensuring the security of facilities and emergency lockdown procedures.

“A key management system can help with overall security infrastructure, maintain seamless access to critical areas and protect against unauthorised access and provide keys to first responders.”

How is the market climate in the Middle East economically? How does this impact the security industry?

DM: “The economic market climate in the Middle East is diverse due to varying levels of natural resources, political stability and economic development among the countries.

“The market offers both challenges and opportunities.

“This economic climate directly impacts the security industry as the ongoing development of projects require innovative and advanced security solutions. Increased investments and urbanisation are demanding further enhancement in security measures.”

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