BlueHalo expands into maritime domain

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BlueHalo, a global defense company, and Kraken Technology Group, a leader in maritime technology specialising in disruptive platforms, have declared a strategic partnership.

This new agreement will see BlueHalo’s Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML)-backed autonomous mission systems into Kraken’s littoral security platforms to develop next-generation uncrewed surface vehicles (USV) and uncrewed surface/sub-surface vehicles (USSV) along with multi-domain, ‘marsupial’ capabilities.

Maritime security

Through this partnership, the entities will work together to integrate BlueHalo’s autonomous innovations within a range of Kraken vessels–including the K3 SCOUT USV, the K4 MANTA USSV and the K5 KRAKEN Gunship–to yield significant innovations in maritime autonomy and develop new littoral capabilities addressing critical national security priorities.

BlueHalo will also integrate itsTitan and SkyView Radio Frequency (RF)-based counter-uncrewed aircraft system (C-UAS) technologies as payload within the K3, K4, and K5 portfolio for mobile, maritime UAS detect and defeat capabilities.

“This expansion into the maritime domain is one of several initiatives we have been planning as part of
our long-term strategic vision. The ability to rapidly and seamlessly adapt current leading technologies
to adjacent domains allows us to out innovate adversaries and extend BlueHalo’s ring of protection,”
said Jonathan Moneymaker, BlueHalo Chief Executive Officer.

“Kraken’s innovative spirit and passion for customer success align directly with our DNA and we are excited to be bringing these disruptive offerings to the mission.”

Clear synergies

“Partnering so closely with BlueHalo on the integration of K3 has demonstrated clear synergies in both
vision and expertise. With this combined effort, Kraken and BlueHalo are working together to expand
these innovations across our other vessels and pursue even more opportunities to meet critical
customer needs,” said Mal Crease, Founder and CEO of Kraken Technology Group. “Game-changing
capabilities deployed at pace is our sole objective, and this partnership will ensure our ability to deliver
against exponentially growing market demand.”

The BlueHalo AI/ML-backed autonomous platform will serve as the primary core of autonomous
operations and functions within the Kraken USV and USSV–leading mission-focused operations,
maintaining situational awareness, signaling directions to the autonomous maritime controller, enabling
multi-vessel swarming, and supporting hybrid maritime and land “marsupial” operations.

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