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March Networks wins Best Ottawa Business Award for sales performance

March Networks

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March Networks has announced that it has won the 2019 Best Ottawa Business award for sales performance.

March Networks won the Best Performance Sales award for its record-setting revenue and profitability, accomplished in part by the sale of its video surveillance solutions to the cannabis market. Capitalising on the cannabis industry’s rapid growth in both Canada and the United States, March Networks secured two of the world’s largest cannabis companies, in addition to over 100 other cannabis customers. The company’s video systems safeguard all stages of the cannabis supply chain including cultivation, testing, retail sales and secure delivery.

“March Networks recognised early on the unique security requirements of the cannabis market,” said Net Payne, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, March Networks. “This highly-regulated industry requires total reliability, as well as full compliance with government-mandated rules for video surveillance. As a leading supplier of video-based business intelligence solutions to many Fortune 500 companies, March Networks’ products meet and exceed the regulations for cannabis security while delivering the business intelligence needed to increase revenue and profitability. This is particularly important for customers who are in the growth phase of their business, when capital is paramount. Our ability to deliver what matters most to our customers makes March Networks the ideal choice for leading cultivators and dispensaries across North America and worldwide.”

March Networks Searchlight for Retail software helps cannabis businesses with both loss prevention and business optimisation by integrating surveillance video with point-of-sale (POS) transaction data and analytics. Searchlight enables organisations to leverage video to track and analyse operations and customer service and gather business intelligence on how and when customers shop. The software also integrates with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) data. In states like Colorado, where RFID tagging from seed to sale is mandated by law for cannabis companies, Searchlight delivers an enhanced level of tracking and compliance by allowing operators to keep a visual record of the movement of plants. Using the software, customers can search for RFID-tagged product by date, time, brand, product code or serial number and instantly pull up the surveillance video associated with that data.

In addition to Searchlight, the company’s highly-reliable network video recorders (NVRs) easily store IP surveillance video for several months, helping cannabis operators comply with the 90-day requirement for video archiving that several US states have in place.

The company’s IP cameras also capture sharp, high resolution video images, while its Command video management software helps customers monitor the health of their video systems, including all camera and recorder connections, to ensure 24/7 recording.

“We are very pleased to accept this award,” said Peter Strom, President & CEO, March Networks. “Our strong sales performance would not be possible without the hard work and dedication of our employees and of course, our many loyal customers. On behalf of everyone at March Networks, I want to thank our customers for trusting us with their video surveillance needs and choosing our solutions for enhanced security, profitability and customer satisfaction.”

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