Intelligent Security Systems announces strategic partnership with Captis Intelligence


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Intelligent Security Systems (ISS) – a leading provider of intelligent VMS and native analytics globally – have recently announced a strategic partnership with Captis Intelligence.

The partnership will leverage each company’s area of expertise and introduce an automated face-matching solution connected to an exclusive criminal database of 35 million subjects provided by Captis Intelligence.

The move will expand and capture further opportunities in the rapidly transforming facial recognition market, offering users the ability to access legal open-source criminal data in their face-matching operations while adhering to today’s biometric data privacy concerns. The capability to alert if a registered sex offender has entered a school or identifying an international terrorist at a port-of-entry are examples of current applications where the fusion of technologies will be deployed.

“We are continually evaluating our offering to ensure our products and alliances are effectively addressing the needs of our customers.” stated Daniel Marino, Chief Operating Officer of ISS. “The Captis database provide extra tools for customers without a built database, providing information that empowers security teams to quickly and accurately identify subjects that can represent a potential risk”.

Kirk Brown, Vice President of Business Development for Captis, added: “Our strategic alliance with ISS is a perfect illustration of Captis’ strategy in redefining subject identification solutions”

“Our alliance with ISS is rooted in innovation and a shared focus of solving today’s most pressing issues with face-matching technology.”

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