Exclusive: ISJ explores Lee Odess’ Access Control Executive Brief Focus 10 Index

Access Control

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In this exclusive preview, ISJ takes a closer look at the ‘Access Control Executive Brief Focus 10 Index’ (ACEB Index), an important financial tool for the global industry.

According to information published by Lee Odess on his website, the index begins with an equal weighting methodology.

Odess – a globally recognised leader and influential voice in the access control industry – further explains that each company, regardless of its market size, has an equal impact on the index’s performance.

This approach is crucial for several reasons:

  • Visibility for emerging players: It allows newer, smaller companies with potential to disrupt the industry to be featured alongside established giants, giving a complete picture of the market
  • Balanced representation: It avoids the skewing of the index towards larger companies, ensuring a balanced and holistic view of the industry
  • Reflecting industry dynamics: The equal weight approach mirrors the diverse nature of the access control sector, where both large and small companies play critical roles

Dynamic, fair assessment

The index undergoes monthly rebalancing, reflecting the ever-changing nature of the global industry whilst helping to ensure ongoing relevance.

Additionally, Odess has confirmed that the ACEB Index will be subject to annual review for the addition or removal of constituents as needed.

The composition of the ACEB Index is said to have been entirely deliberate, with each company selected by a committee based on its impact and role in the access control sector.

The selections were made against three criteria:

  • Global presence: Companies with significant global operations and influence
  • Pure play and diverse businesses: A mix of companies solely focused on access control and those with broader business interests in the sector
  • Coverage of various verticals: Ensuring the index covers a broad spectrum of the industry, from traditional security systems to cutting-edge smart lock technologies
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